50 Blogs That’ll Help You Become a Better Blogger in 2016

Blogs to Help Become a Better Blogger 2016

There are hundreds of blogs out there in the blogging and online marketing industry.

Which means there are thousands of blog posts published every month. Which also means that it's going to be tough to try and weed out the lower quality blogs.

And you know what would happen if you follow low-end blogs...

You might end up taking action on outdated or misleading information. Bad news.

But luckily for you, I've put together a sexy list of 50 blogs that provide useful and practical advice​.

All you need to do is choose a bunch, learn new stuff, and take action.​

50 Blogs You Need to Follow in 2016

So without further ado, here's the first one on the list...


Owner: Adrienne Smith

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Relationships

Adrienne Smith - Blogger

Adrienne is one of the best bloggers I know. She's been online for nearly 10 years and she's all about building connections with bloggers.

Did you know that blog commenting can be very rewarding for you?

Well, Adrienne is the queen when it comes to blog comments.​

So make sure you read or bookmark the links I'll share below. ;)​

Recommended reading:


Owner: Amy Lynn Andrews

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content

AmyLynn Andrews - Blogger

Amy and her blog is all about helping the newbie become a successful blogger.

She's been online for more than 10 years.​ That's ancient in blog years.

On her blog, she covers almost every topic related to successful blogging. This includes the blogging basics, creating content, SEO, and making money.

Recommended reading:

All Blogging Tips

Owner: Ammar Ali

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Make Money, Traffic

Ammar Ali

Ammar has been blogging for about 5 years. He started AllBloggingTips.com in 2011 when he was still a teenager. Very impressive.

Ammar and ABT focus on helping bloggers become better bloggers.

He covers about every topic you need to become successful. Including traffic, writing blog posts, SEO, and conversions.​

Recommended reading:


Owner: Brian Dean

Industry: SEO

Top Categories: Content Marketing, Link Building, SEO

Brian Dean - SEO

Brian started out just like us...a plain old blank WordPress blog.

By publishing epic, useful content with some advanced promotion tactics, he turned Backlinko into a leading resource in the SEO industry.

Backlinko = a highly recommended resource.

Recommended reading:

Basic Blog Tips

Owner: Ileane Smith

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Social Media

Ileane Smith - Blogger

Mrs. Ileane Smith is the owner of this blog. And she teaches bloggers how to become better at blogging.

She also teaches her readers how to use social media to drive traffic and make money.

Ileane also has YouTube training videos and a very popular podcast show.

Recommended reading:

Be a Better Blogger

Owner: Kevin J. Duncan

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Email

Kevin J. Duncan - Blogger

Kevin's one of my favorite bloggers. The first time I heard of him was in the summer of 2015, one year after he started Be a Better Blogger. It was when he basically came out of nowhere and wrote an epic blog post at Jon Morrow's blog, Boost Blog Traffic.

His post, which is a guide on writing blog comments, did so great that it's one of Boost Blog Traffic's popular posts.

Kevin Duncan's Boost Blog Traffic guest post


Recommended reading:

Blog Tyrant

Owner: Ramsay Taplin

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Email

Ramsay T - Blogger

Ramsay is one of my favorite bloggers. Blog Tyrant was actually one of the first blogs (on blogging) I visited.

Today, I always read his [latest] posts.

And if I were you, I'd do the same.

Recommended reading:

Blogger Sidekick

Owner: Will Blunt

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Email, SEO

Will Blunt AU

Will Blunt’s Blogger Sidekick will always be one of my favorites.

His post about blogger outreach is the reason why I got into building relationships with other bloggers (I'll share the link below).

I highly recommend you check out Blogger Sidekick.​

Recommended reading:

Blogger Tips Tricks

Owner: Ankit Singla

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, SEO, WordPress, Reviews

Ankit Singla - Blogger

Ankit's Blogger Tips Tricks is where he shares all his best advice for people who want to make it in the blogging game.

He shares a lot of stuff on SEO, WordPress, various tools, and more.​

Recommended reading:

Bloggers Ideas

Owner: Jitendra Vaswani

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, WordPress, Reviews

Jitendra - Blogger

Jitendra’s Bloggers Ideas blog is one of the most popular in the blogging space.He helps newcomers start a blog from scratch, get traffic, and make money.

Recommended reading:

Bloggers Passion

Owner: Anil Agarwal

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, WordPress, Reviews

Anil Agarwal - Blogger

Anil Agarwal is a good name in the blogging area, especially in India.

He's landed guest posts on a few blogs on this list. Including BasicBlogTips, ShoutMeLoud, and SuccessfulBlogging.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Zac Johnson

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Web Hosting Reviews

Zac Johnson - Blogger

Zac’s the man. He's one of the most successful bloggers and entrepreneurs on the planet.

So by not following him or reading his content, that'd be a mistake.

Zac has a lot to share. And has shared a lot.

He also runs BloggingTips.com and ZacJohnson.com. Both are also high-quality resources.​

Recommended reading:

​Blogging Basics 101

Owner: Jessica Knapp

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content

Jessica Knapp - Blogger

Jessica’s BB101 is all about showing people how to start a blog and make money.

Her beginner’s guide has gotten nearly 200,000 pageviews.

Good stuff!​

Recommended reading:

Blogging Cage

Owner: Kulwant Nagi

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Make Money, Reviews

Kulwant Nagi - Blogger

Kulwant's Blogging Cage is a late addition to the list. I never actually heard of them until I was researching web hosts a couple weeks ago.

Now, I'm quickly becoming a Blogging Cage fan.

I especially like their reviews. Lots of products.​

Recommended reading:

Blogging From Paradise 

Owner: Ryan Biddulph

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging

Ryan Biddulph - Blogger

When I first stumbled upon Ryan's Blogging From Paradise, it was because of a friend. He told me to check it out for motivation because of how I felt at the time....you know, that "fuck it" feeling.

And when I got there, I saw a lot of pics of Ryan with some pretty awesome backgrounds. They were literally from paradise.

I wanted to be there so bad that I felt motivated again. And well, I'm still here.

Ryan also shares a lot of advice on how to blog. Check him out.​

Recommended reading:

Blogging Wizard 

Owner: Adam Connell

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Email, WordPress, Reviews

Adam Connell - Blogger

Adam's Blogging Wizard was one of the first blogs I visited (it was either this one, Blog Tyrant, or Boost Blog Traffic, honestly can't remember).

And I still check out Adam's stuff on the day he publishes. Even on the other site he works on, Linkology.

Adam and his writers and guest bloggers pump out a lot of useful content. So it was pretty tough to choose a couple to share here.

But I think I made awesome choices.​

Recommended reading:

Boost Blog Traffic

Owner: Jon Morrow

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Beginners, Content, Email, SEO, Traffic

Jon Morrow - Entrepreneur

Jon Morrow is my hero. Really. He's incredible.

And if you learn more about him, I think you'd feel pretty much the same.

He's really an inspiration.

And the stuff he and his mates publish at Boost Blog Traffic is gold.​

Recommended reading:

Broke Bloke Blogs

Owner: Eddie Gear

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Email, SEO

Eddie Broke Bloke - Blogger

Ah, one of the best nicknames I've ever heard, Broke Bloke was given to Eddie by some friends when they realized he was a spendthrift who was always in debt.

And thanks to them, Eddie's BrokeBlokeBlogs.com is one of the most badass domains of all time (in my opinion, of course).​

Eddie started his BBB at the end of 2014. He quickly turned it into a reliable resource for people everywhere looking to start their own blogging ventures.

Broke Bloke Blogs is definitely one to check out.​

Recommended reading:

Buffer Blog

Owner: Buffer

Industry: Social

Top Categories: Content, Social

Buffer Blog

There isn't much to say about this one. The Buffer blog is one of the best in the social media space. They're pros.

A must-follow.​

Recommended reading:

CoSchedule Blog

Owner: CoSchedule

Industry: Content Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Email, Social

CoSchedule Blog

Like Buffer, CoSchedule's blog is the real deal in their area.

Really, a must-follow.

They also offer dozens of checklists, worksheets, etc, for email subscribers. *wink*​

Recommended reading:

Content Champion 

Owner: Loz James

Industry: Digital and Content Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Social, Podcasts + Interviews

Loz James - Blogger

Loz James’ Content Champion is one of my favorite sites to check out. The blog’s got some really useful content. I've literally read like at least 66% of their blog posts.

And they've got awesome podcasts, too. Be sure to check those out!

Recommended reading:

Note: I'd really, really recommend you listen to the podcasts! :D

Content Marketing Institute 

Owner: Joe Pulizzi

Industry: Content Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Email, SEO, Social Media

Joe and CMI

The big cheese. Content Marketing Institute is perhaps the #1 dog in the content marketing industry.

If you don't at least visit and read CMI once or twice per month, you're missing out on a lot of content marketing knowledge.​

Recommended reading:


Owner: Rainmaker Digital

Industry: Copywriter and Content Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Email, Social Media, Writing

Copyblogger Blog

Copyblogger is one of the biggest blogs in the world. Nuff said.

Recommended reading:

Crazy Egg Blog: The Daily Egg

Owner: Crazy Egg

Industry: Conversion Rate Optimization

Top Categories: A/B Testing, Content, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email

The Daily Egg Blog

The Daily Egg is one that I've just started visiting. It's a great blog.

Their team of writers and bloggers are brilliant,

It's a great place to learn about the next-level-shit when your blog is ready.​

Recommended reading:

Digital Marketer Blog

Owner: Ryan Deiss

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: A/B Testing, Content, Conversion Rate Optimization, Email, SEO, Social, Traffic

Digital Marketer Blog

Digital Marketer's blog is one of the best places to get advice on the more advanced stuff. Like conversion rate optimization, split testing, and Facebook ads.

​It is definitely worth checking out when you're ready to take your blog to the next level.

Recommended reading:

Enchanting Marketing 

Owner: Henneke Duistermaat

Industry Online Marketing and Writing

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Copywriting

Henneke - Blogger

Henneke is a brilliant writer. And she blogs about all her tips, tricks, and techniques on her blog and newsletter.

She also blogs about blogging/marketing-related topics.

Her writing skills have landed her guest posts on big sites like KISSmetrics, Copyblogger, and Problogger.

Impressive stuff, isn't it?​

So, if you're not that proud of your writing...follow Henneke.​

Recommended reading:


Owner: Enstine Muki

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Make Money

Enstine Muki - Blogger

Enstine's blog is another one I just found recently. I first saw him at Basic Blog Tips, where he wrote a pretty damn good post on boosting income in 2016.

Now, I've read at least 10 blog posts from his own blog.​ I'll share a couple of my favorites below.

Recommended reading:

Entrepreneur On Fire

Owner: John Lee Dumas

Industry: Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing

Top Categories: Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing, Motivation, Podcasting, Success



John Lee Dumas is one of my favorite people. He's the only guy I know that runs a daily podcast show.

Yeah, that's right. Daily. Meaning he gives us a new podcast episode every single day.

Pretty freaking impressive, isn't it?

​Right now, in January of 2016, JLD has over 1100 episodes.

Yes, I do have my favorites. Quite a few, actually. But I'm only going to share 2. Check them out.​

Recommended reading:

Note: I guarantee you'll find some motivation by listening to his podcasts. He interviews successful entrepreneurs.

GetResponse Blog 

Owner: GetResponse

Industry: Email Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Email

GetResponse Blog

I'm sure you've heard of list building, autoresponders, "the money is in the list", right?

Well, GetResponse is one of many email marketing service providers. You know, services that provide the email stuff like autoresponders.

Yeah, GetResponse's blog focuses on email marketing. It's definitely worth checking out, no matter what your level of list building knowledge it at.

They've got stuff for newbies, stuff for the intermediate, and even some for the advance-levelled guy.​

Recommended reading:

How To Make My Blog 

Owner: Marko Saric

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, WordPress Basics and Plugins

Marko Saric - Blogger

Marko’s blog is practically a guide to successful blogging for beginners.He covers everything you need to get started and be successful.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Jeff Bullas

Industry: Blogging and Social Media Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, SEO, Social

Jeff Bullas - Blog/Social Influencer

Jeff is top blogging and social influencer. He's a real pro.

And he shares all his best stuff on his blog.​

Recommended reading:

KISSmetrics Blog 

Owner: KISSmetrics

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Email

KISSmetrics Blog

The KISSmetrics blog has a lot of great content. And they've got a lot of categories. See?

KISSmetrics blog categories

It's definitely one to check out.

Recommended reading:

Mad Lemmings 

Owner: Ashley Faulkes

Industry: Blogging, Web Design, and WordPress

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, SEO, Marketing, WordPress, Reviews

Ashley Faulkes - Blogger

Ashley's blog is one that I've been following for a while now. He's a real pro.

I especially like his stuff on speeding up WordPress. And you know, website speed is a major factor these days. A must.​

Recommended reading:


Owner: Matthew Woodward

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Content, Email, SEO, Traffic

Matthew Woodward - Blogger/Marketer

I've been a follower of Matthew's blog since I started my first blog. It's one of my all-time favorites.

He and his guests have published a lot of stuff you can take action on right away. You know, real actionable tutorials. The good stuff.

He also writes his income reports. Very interesting.​

Recommended reading:

Moz Blog 

Owner: Rand Fishkin

Industry: SEO

Top Categories: Content, Conversions, SEO, Social

Moz Blog

The Moz Blog is one of the best places to learn both basic and advanced SEO. Perhaps even the best.

And SEO is very important. So.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Stuart Walker

Industry: Niche and Online Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Email, Niches, Traffic, SEO

Stuart Walker - Blogger

Stuart’s Niche Hacks is another blog that will always be in my top 5 favs.

Stuart, his team of writers, and guest bloggers post a lot of useful content that you can use right away.

They blog about almost every topic in the whole internet marketing area. But their most popular topics are niche and affiliate marketing, traffic, and SEO (from what I can see).

Tip: Make sure to grab Stuart’s list of 1700+ niches.

Recommended reading:

Post Planner Blog

Owner: Post Planner Inc.

Industry: Social Media

Top Categories: Content, Entrepreneurship, Social

Post Planner Blog

The Post Planner blog is a great resource for bloggers looking to get into social media marketing.

Especially for Facebook. The guys at Post Planner share a lot of advice on Facebook.

Recommended reading:

Pro Blogger

Owner: Darren Rowse

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Email, Writing

Darren Rowse - Pro Blogger

Darren started Pro Blogger over a decade ago and turned it into one of greatest sites on the internet.

It's really a great resource for bloggers of all levels.​

Recommended reading:

Quicksprout + NeilPatel.com 

Owner: Neil Patel

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Email, Traffic, Social, SEO

Neil Patel - Online Marketing Expert

Neil is the man. He's one of the greats.

He's the only guy I know that writes several 3000+ word posts every week. Yes, every week.​

He's helped me develop a solid content marketing strategy (I'll leave the link to the guide below).

He's also helped me do other stuff that's made me better at what I do. Like creating real, high-quality content and understand SEO.​

Recommended reading:


Owner: Robbie Richards

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Email, Content, SEO

Robbie Richards - Blogger/Marketer

Robbie’s done something many of us wish we could do…Drive targeted traffic without writing a lot of blog posts.

Yes, that’s right.

Right now, Robbie has less than 20 blog posts on his blog and he gets thousands of monthly visitors.

And a lot of them signed up to his mailing list.


Recommended reading:

Shout Me Loud 

Owner: Harsh Agarwal

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Make Money, SEO, WordPress

Harsh Argawal - Blogger

Harsh’s ShoutMeLoud is one of the most popular blogs in the make money blogging industry.

The blog covers a lot of topics. All related to starting a blog that makes money.

Recommended reading:

Smart Passive Income 

Owner: Pat Flynn

Industry: Blogging and Online Marketing

Top Categories: Affiliate Marketing, Blogging, Email, SEO

Pat Flynn - Blog/Marketing Pro

Pat Flynn is one of the biggest names in all of blogging and marketing.

He earns, on average, $100,000+ per month (shares monthly income reports on his blog).

If you’re wondering which blog to check out first, visit Smart Passive Income.

Recommended reading:

Social Triggers

Owner: Derek Halpern

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Email, Content, SEO, Social

Derek Halpern - Expert

Social Triggers is a top blog in the industry.

The owner, Derek Halpern, is a real professional. He's been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Inc., and more. Impressive stuff.

Definitely worth checking out.​

Recommended reading:

Successful Blogging

Owner: Sue Anne Dunlevie

Industry: Blogging

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Social, Writing

Sue Anne Dunlevie - Blogger

Sue Anne’s blog is a great resource for beginner bloggers. Definitely one of the best. I've been a follower ever since I started.

She, along with her colleagues (guest bloggers), pump out quality content a couple times every week.

So, there really is a lot to read here.

Recommended reading:

Tip: If you're not totally sure which blogs to check out, make sure this one is on your list. ;) 

The Branded Solopreneur

Owner: Andrea Beltrami

Industry: Branding and Visual Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Branding, Social, Visual

Dre Beltrami - Blogger

Andrea is one of the best branding experts in the biz.

She shares all her branding and blogging advice at The Branded Solopreneur. Highly recommended.

Visit TBS. Turn your not-branded-blog into something cool and good looking. ;)​

Recommended reading:

​Traffic Generation Cafe

Owner: Ana Hoffman

Industry: Blogging and Traffic Generation

Top Categories: Blogging, SEO, Social, Traffic

Ana Hoffman - Blogger

Ana is really a traffic generation expert. Through her blog, she shares traffic tips and techniques from all kinds of traffic sources.

Do they work? Damn right, they do.

A few months ago, I read her post on getting traffic through link roundups. And that gave me an idea.

With that idea, I created a post that listed 24 affiliate marketing blogs at AffiliMarketer (kind of like this one).

And within a few days, I got nearly 2500 pageviews. Which was great because at the time I wasn’t even getting 100 visits per month.

So yeah, TGC is a blog you should really check out.

Recommended reading:

Twelve Skip

Owner: Pauline Cabrera

Industry: Blogging and Internet Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Content, Marketing

Pauline Cabrera - Blogger TwelveSkip

Pauline is one of the top blogging and social media influencers. She and several of her guest bloggers post a lot of useful content.

I highly recommend you check out Twelve Skip.

It's one of my favorite blogs.​

Recommended reading:

​Video Fruit

Owner: Bryan Harris

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Email, Video

Bryan Harris VF

Bryan started the VF blog to help people use video for their businesses. And lately, he's been sharing awesome tips on email list building and product launches.

Very cool stuff. I'd really check this one out if I were you.

Recommended reading:


Owner: Glen Allsopp

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, Make Money, Marketing, Niches

Glen ViperChill

Glen started ViperChill when he was only 16 years old. That was about 10 years ago.

He's been featured in Forbes, WIRED, The Guardian, and more. Not bad for a young dude, eh?

In 2016, Glen says his #1 goal is to turn ViperChill.com into the world's best marketing blog.

This should be fun to watch.​

Recommended reading:

Your Escape From 9 to 5

Owner: Cent Muruganandam

Industry: Online Marketing

Top Categories: Blogging, SEO, Social

Cent M - Blogger

Cent is really doing something special at Your Escape From 9 to 5.

He blogs about a lot of the popular and must-know blogging/marketing topics and includes an inforgraphic with most of his posts. Incredible stuff.

Recommended reading:


Blogging, these days, is a lot harder than it used to be. There's a lot of competition, you know. There's not much that's already been done.

But with the 50 blogs I shared above, you have all that you need to make blogging work.

All you need to do is follow their advice and take action.

If you have any questions, leave it in the comments below.

And don't forget to hit the share button. ;)​


Julian is a blogger, an affiliate, and a niche explorer. He loves everything in internet marketing. He also runs other blogs, such as AffiliMarketer. You can also find him sharing tips and resources on Twitter. Check him out.

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