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Blogging Aid is a free resource that helps beginner and intermediate-level bloggers, content creators, and entrepreneurs turn their passions and ideas into successful online businesses.

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Our main goal at Blogging Aid is to provide the best free resource for anyone who aspires to build content websites that earns them full time incomes.

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Julian Sakanee

About Me. 

Hi! I'm Julian. I come from a small community in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I grew up with passions for hockey, football, baseball, and video games. Today, I have passions for blogging, content, and SEO. I started my first site in 2014. I remember all the blunders from that site such as writing about unrelated topics, trying shady SEO tactics, and using a trademark in my domain name.  I've created many other sites ever since and made even more mistakes. But I've also gained a great deal of knowledge and experience and wish to share it. I created Blogging Aid so that aspiring bloggers and entrepreneurs can learn how to turn their passions and knowledge into thriving businesses.

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