How to Find Blog Post Images: A Quick and Easy Guide 

 March 1, 2020

By  Julian

How to Find Blog Post Images: A Quick and Easy Guide

Images for your blog posts are essential. Without them, your content would look naked and not finished.

In this guide, we'll show you how you can get blog posts images for free. It's easy.

So let's get started.

How to Find Blog Post Images

There are 2 ideal types of images you need for your blog posts. Number one, the featured image. Number two, screenshots.

You could also have stock photography sprinkled throughout your content to visualize some of your points, but they're not as important as the two that are mentioned above.

So how do you get them? Here's how:

How to Create Featured Images

i. Use Stock Photos

Stock photos are the easiest way to get high-quality featured images. Some of the best blogs use them, such as NeilPatel.com and QuickSprout.com.

Neil Patel's Blog screenshot

You can find photos like these on sites dedicated to stock imagery. Such as:

For more sites like these, check out Snappa's list.

ii. Create Custom Images

Sometimes, it can be hard to find stock photos that match your blog post's topic. That's one of the reasons why I don't use them.

Also, custom graphics look way better. However, it can also be pretty tough creating them yourself.

Luckily for you, there are tools that make it easy. I'm talking about Canva. Our #1 image editing/creating tool.

Canva 1

Canva is a drag-and-drag editor that provides you with hundreds of icons, fonts, and other cool stuff that can be edited in any way you want. There are unlimited colours and unlimited sizing options.

If you take a look at our blog, every single one of our featured images are created using the tool.

Blogging Aid's Featured Images

You probably noticed that they have some similarities. That's because Canva let's you save templates, which makes it even easier.

How to Create Screenshots

i. Use a Screen Capture Tool

A screen capture tool is the only way to create screenshots that look amazing.

There are a few good tools to choose from. I only recommend 2 or 3. Check them out:

  • Skitch (from Evernote) - free, our #1 recommendation.
  • check
    Jing - free, provides all the basics.
  • check
    Snagit - paid option, provides advanced features.

They all basically work the same. Click their start button, drag the area of the screen you want to capture, edit the screenshot, download and enjoy.

Wrapping it up

Finding images for your blog posts hasn't been easier. With tools like Canva and sites like Pexels, you can get blog post images in minutes. Literally.

The quick guide above shows you how. There's no reason you can't find them on your own now.

If you have questions regarding blog images, let us know in the comments section below.

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