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7 Best WordPress Landing Page Plugins for 2019

Here’s the dealio: ​Landing pages are essential for bloggers and marketers. They’re great for generating leads and making sales. Which is why you need special tools to create them. ​And for WordPress, all you need is a plugin (most of the time). ​So, which WP landing page plugin should you use? Hmm. There are a lot out there.​ But don’t […]

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How to Do Blog Commenting Effectively: The Ultimate Guide

Effectual daily blog commenting is an excellent approach to boost relationships with other bloggers, drive traffic, seek guest posting opportunities, amplify your knowledge, build links, attain expert status, and more. You might have gone through conferences, blog posts, webinars, e-books, etc. on building readership; one of the first advice you receive is always to leave a […]

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How to Get Website Traffic: 5 Methods That Actually Work

There are literally hundreds of how-to’s, ultimate guides, and list posts on how to get website traffic. And yet, it’s still one of the biggest struggles among unsuccessful bloggers and website owners. Why do you think that is? I tell you… The main reason why ​thousands of bloggers and marketers can’t get blog traffic is because most of the […]

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