How to Build a Great WordPress Landing Page 

 June 2, 2017

By  Julian

How to Create a WordPress Landing Page

Here's the dealio:

Landing pages are essential for bloggers and marketers. It's how we covert our traffic into sales and subscribers.​

​However, building a WordPress landing page using the default editor can be tough, since it lacks advanced features that would make your content stand out.

So, what do you do?

Luckily for you, I found the solution. And I'm going to show you in a few seconds.

So let's get started.​

How to Create a WordPress Landing Page

To start creating a landing page for WordPress, you'll need the perfect plugin.

There are a few good ones out there. Great, in fact.

However, there is one, in particular, I found to have everything you need to create beautiful WP landing pages.​

We actually compared 7 landing page plugins recently and​ this one came in first as our #1 recommendation.

Introducing: Thrive Content Builder + Landing Pages

You may be thinking, isn't that 2 plugins? It kind of is. But the team at Thrive Themes have merged the two together.

Now, when you go to install one of the two, you get both.​

So, what is Thrive Content Builder + Landing Pages?

First off, Thrive Content Builder is like the default WP editor. Except it has a ton more features that can make your content look great.

I've gone through every feature and element before in a full review on the AffiliMarketer blog, you can read it here.

Thrive Landing Pages works like an add-on to the Content Builder.

And basically, it's a huge set of templates for just about every type of landing page. For instance...

  • Homepage
  • Lead capture page
  • Download or Thank You page
  • Sales page

It even has a few for affiliate marketing.

Would you like to see some of their templates in action?​

Landing Page Examples From TCB + LP

The first one is a confirmation page here on Blogging Aid. It shows what the subscriber should do after signing up.

Confirmation Landing Page 1

The next one is the download page for one of Blogging Aid's subscriber incentives.

Download Landing Page 1

Simple, right?

Our last example is from AffliMarketer. The homepage.

Homepage Landing Page Example 1

You can look at all Thrive's 160+ landing page templates here.

How Does it Work?

One of the best things about Thrive Content Builder and Landing Pages is that it's easy. It basically comes down to 2 steps:

i. Pick a Landing Page Template

You've seen some of the plugin's landing page templates.

To get started, you would have to pick one.​ But since there are well over 150, you can filter by tag (your purpose).

Thrive Landing Page Tags 1

You can even start with a blank page. But it's easier to pick a template when you're new to the tool.

ii. Drag, Drop, and Edit

When you've figured out what template you want, it's time to have fun.

TCB's drag-n-drop feature makes it so easy to edit and create.

All you have to do is choose an element, drag it, drop it, and edit.

But with the templates, it's even easier.

Why? Because most of the features and elements are already all setup. All you have to do is edit.

If you would love to watch a quick tutorial, One Hour Professor can show you how it's done in this 10-minute video:


Will the real WYSIWYG, please stand up? *Thrive Content Builder Stands Up*

Thrive Content Builder + Landing Page is literally ​the best content creation tool and WordPress landing page plugin out there. No question.

Since September 2015, I've created every landing page on all my sites using the plugin. It's changed the way I look at WordPress landing page and content creation.

And I bet it will do the same for you.​


At this very minute, potential leads or customers are waiting to find your landing page. So quit wasting time and get started now.

About Julian

Julian started his first blog way back in the summer of 2014. He is very passionate about building websites and watching them grow. He has made many mistakes over the years and is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge on Blogging Aid so he can help beginner and intermediate bloggers become successful bloggers.

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