7 Content Research Tools You Cannot Live Without in 2020 

 March 1, 2020

By  Julian

7 Best Content Research Tools

If you want to create the best possible blog post on any given topic, researching the idea from head to toe is ideal.

With that said, manually looking things up online is nearly impossible. There are special resources designed for this.

In this guide, we'll take a look at some of the best content research tools on the web. 

Let's get started.

7 Best Content Research Tools

#1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs 1

Ahrefs is arguably the best content research tool. You can find viral content, rankable keywords with great search volume, backlink opportunities, and more.

Whether you want to create content that goes socially viral or content that ranks in the top 10 (Google search), this tool will help.


Like Ahrefs, Buzzsumo is another content research tool that can be considered the best. However, it doesn't have some of the features Ahrefs has.

Buzzsumo focuses on finding content that's been shared a lot on social media, so that you can create something better and try to replicate its results.

SEMRush 1

SEMRush focuses more on SEO. It's great for competitor research. You can find the keywords and backlinks of any website you want. It's the ultimate tool for beating your competition in the SERPs.


As you know, Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world. And their search engine, the biggest. It's nearly every website's number one source of traffic.

What does this have to do with content creation tools, you ask? Great question.

First off, the search engine itself is a great content research tool. For example, if you're looking for specific statistics, you would Google "your keyword" + "stats" right?

There are also a bunch of search operators that help you find specific pages. For example, if you're looking for something on a website, you can use the "site:domain.com" operator.

site:search Google operator

Second, they have a tool called Google Trends. This is great for keyword and topic research, which is a big part in SEO.

Google Trends 1

Google has a lot more tools you can use to create better content. There Google Search Console that'll help you scale your search rankings (when that time comes) and Google Analytics that'll show you data like your highest traffic pages.

Ubersuggest 1

Keywords are the search terms people use when they're "Googling" something. Sometimes it's tough to terms you can research.

Ubersuggest can help with that. Type in any word(s), the tool will bring back suggestions.

OpenSiteExplorer 1

Moz's Open Site Explorer took backlink research to a new level when it first came out. However, tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush have took over.

With that said, it still has its uses. Mainly, the Domain and Page Authority metrics (DA and PA). These measure the likeliness of ranking high in the SERPs. The higher the DA/PA, the higher the chance of taking the #1 spot.

Pro Tip: Build high-quality links to improve your authority.

#7. Online Communities

Top Online Communities

These are usually overlooked. Online communities are full of real people who ask real questions.

If you can find questions you can answer (on your blog), you have ideas for great content people would actually be interested in.

You can find some of these communities on Quora, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Google Plus, and even on forums.

Wrapping it up

Finding quality content ideas has never been easier. The 7 resources we shared here have the ability to help you find ideas that would not only last a lifetime, but also ideas that would open the traffic floodgates.

If you have any questions or comments about this post, you can reach us in the comments section below. 


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