How to Create Beautiful Blog Content With Ease: A Thrive Content Builder Review 

 April 18, 2017

By  Julian

Attention: This blog post / review is now outdated and will not be updated. Thrive Content Builder has been upgraded to Thrive Architect. You can read our brand new review here. Thank you!

How to Create Beautiful Blog Content With Ease: A Thrive Content Builder Review

Have you ever wished you could create blog content that looks professionally designed without actually hiring an expensive web designer?

Or maybe you need a nice landing page, but can't afford to get someone do to it for you.

Either way, what I'm about to show you here will solve all your problems.​

Here's what I'm talking about:

​Thrive Content Builder (TCB).​

​I've created every single blog post on all my blogs ever since I got it in September 2015. It has completely replaced the default WordPress blog editor for me.

​Since I started using this tool, I've created some ​really nice content on Blogging Aid. Including our huge list of 100 online marketing blogs that has gotten more than 1000 shares.

Thrive Content Example 1

TCB is also great for affiliate reviews. More on this later, but here's a little taste of how affiliates can use this to boost their sales and conversions:

Affiliate Summary Box 1

In our Thrive Content Builder review,​ we're going to show you how to use the tool to create blog posts and pages that look awesome.

Let's get started.​​

How to Create Awesome Content With Thrive Content Builder (TCB)

Before we get any further, I think it's only right to mention how much paper Thrive Content Builder will take out of your back pocket.

TCB isn't free. But it isn't expensive either.​ You might think it is, judging from its awesomeness. But no.

The exact cost? A one-time fee of $67. And that's for one site.

If you want to use it on more than one site, it's $97 for the 5-site license.

And if you're a serial website creator like me, you​ can get a 15-site license for $147.

Thrive Content Builder Pricing

So if you trust me when I say that this plugin will change the way you look at WordPress and content creation, you can get your own copy here and follow along.

If you'd like to see how it works, first, then that's alright. No problem. Let's move on.

Quick Note: If you're thinking of getting one of the 15 or 5-site licenses, consider the membership instead. Members get all Thrive products, even in the future. (MORE DETAILS HERE)

How it Works

Have you seen that "Customize" link in your WordPress Admin menus?

There's one under Appearance​...


And another in the top menu (when you're logged in and visiting the front-end).


Anyway, that link leads to the "customizer" page where you'll be able to edit and preview at the same time. Well, almost. There is a few seconds of load time for every edit.


But, yeah. This is what TCB essentially is. Only a thousand times better.


There's no loading time. You make an edit, the tool will add it to the page in a millisecond. Literally.​

Creating the post/page is the same as any.

Click the Add New link, enter the title, edit the metadata, and etc.​

The only difference is you don't do anything with or on the default editor.

When you have the TCB plugin installed, it'll add the button below the headline area that'll take you to the content editing page.​


And then...

You'll be able to begin building.​

The Features

So what sort of content will you be allowed to do with this tool?

I've gone through every feature, in detail, the TCB plugin offers in another. You can find on my other blog, AffiliMarketer. Here's the link.​

So, I'm not going to all out on its features here.

Instead, I'll show you what TCB can actually do. I'll show you the mind-boggling differences between regular WP content and TCB content.

Check it out!

A few months ago, I created a post here on Blogging Aid that was inspired by Backlinko's guide to link building.


If you've never visited Brian Dean's guide, it's basically multiple sets of links to other people's link building and SEO content.

But the thing that makes it so special is it's visually appealing.

So, I created something similar. How to Increase Blog Traffic: The Ultimate Guide


And to show you exactly what the Thrive Content Builder can do to your content, I created a page with the exact same content. Only this one doesn't use the TCB tool.

The first thing I want to show you is the headline area.

You saw what it looks like with TCB in the image above. And this is what it looks like without it:​


It's sort of plain, right? Or normal.

What about the rest of the content? Let's check that out.​

First, this is how it looks live:​


And that's with every category inside the post.

If we didn't use TCB, here's how it would look like:​


A big difference, isn't it?

Wrapping it up

In most cases, the difference between the best and the second best pieces of content on any given topic is the design.

For most content marketers and bloggers, there's nothing they can do because hiring talented developers and designers is too expensive for their budget. A good designer can cost you in the thousands.

But that's about to change.

​With Thrive Content Builder, you can take any blog post or page created with WordPress and make it look a hundred times better.

Are You Ready to Start Creating Beautiful Blog Content ALL BY YOURSELF?

Don't forget to sign up for Blogging Aid's mailing list. It includes a traffic generation freebie. And, we'll be able to exchange emails for when you need help with something (like how to use TCB, for example).

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