60+ Experts Share Their Best Email Marketing Tools For List Building 

 January 8, 2021

By  Julian

Best Email Marketing Tools

List building is a must. We both know that. Right?

And we need certain tools to help with that.

Tools like the optin form and the autoresponder.

But sometimes it can be kind of tough choosing which ones will help convert your visitors better.

I mean, there are a lot of them.

Decisions. Decisions.

So to help you make these decisions, I went ahead and asked about 100 experts one question:

"You're only allowed 3 tools to help build your email list, which 3 would you choose?"

63 got back to me with their answers.

And I'll share them with you.

Let's check them out.

63 Pros Share Their Best Email Marketing Tools​

I know, I know. A post that features 63 pros is going to be a long read. I know.

If you're kind of lazy to go through it all, I'll start the post with a highlights section.


Alright. Let's get started.​





$67 one-site license


Free - $39/month


Free - $9.99/month




$9/month annually




$67 one-site license






$47 one-site license



Of course, everybody that contributed to the post are awesome.

But some of them took so much time out of their busy schedule to give ​us some crazy content.

​A few even gave us some cool tips.

So I decided to pick 20 out of the 63 and put them at the top.

Check them out.

Tor Refsland

Tor Refsland


I use three tools for building my email list:

1. Plugmatter Optin Feature Box

2. LeadPages

3. ConverKit (email provider)

But the main point is not just to get subscribers. It´s all about attracting the right subscribers. The more targeted the subscribers are, the bigger is the chance that you will be able to sell them your service or products in the end.

You might be thinking, “Tor, what you are saying sounds cool. But that REALLY work?”

Good question.

In 3,5 months I built a highly targeted email list from scratch to about 850 subscribers, then I launched my first product Massive Exposure From Scratch.

The results?

I made $6000+ in my first launch.

So how do I use my three tools to build my email list?

In my blog posts I use something I call The Squared Net Tactic.

It means that I have 4 opt-ins on my most popular posts (one opt-in for each corner in the net).

Opt-in #1 – Feature Opt-in

Derek Halpern invented this feature opt-in box. It uses your most valuable spot on your website to get people to opt-in to your email list.

Derek still uses it on his website Social Triggers:


Jon Morrow from Boost Blog Traffic uses it:


Now SmartBlogger.com.

Lewis Howes from Lewis Howes uses it:


Chalene Johnson from Chalene Johnson uses it:


Bryan Harris from Video Fruit uses it:


Brian Dean from Backlinko uses it:


No need to reinvent the wheel.

So I decided to use it too.


I am using The Optin Feature Box from Plugmatter, which makes it really easy to create different feature opt-ins for different blog posts in no time.

Opt-in #2 – Content upgrade at the start of the post.

The button is linking to a Lead Pages Lead box.


Pops up when user clicks the button.

Opt-in #3 – Content upgrade at the end of the post.

The button is linking to a Lead Pages Lead box.


Pops up when user clicks the button.

Opt-in #4 – Exit Popup


Exit-Intent Popup Box

It's an exit popup box from Lead Pages. I have set it to trigger on exit on intent, which means that it will only appear when people are trying to leave your website.

In addition, I have set it to appear every 7 days. This means that if a person visits your website several times in a week, he / she will only get the popup once every 7 days.

In general, I am not that big of a fan of popups. However, it converts great, and I know that my content is really helpful to people.

Note: If you create awesome content that truly are helping people, you are actually doing them a disservice, if you don't help them to get on your email list. And as you probably have figured out, I connected the opt-in forms from Plugmatter and LeadPages to my email provider, ConvertKit.

Tor Refsland
 - Creator of 'How To Blog Outreach Like A Boss'

Adam Connell - Blogger

Adam Connell

Which 3 email marketing tools would I use if I was just starting out?

To save some cash, I'd use a free Mailchimp account. Sure, it doesn't have an auto responder and is very limited but it'll get the job done until I had more budget to work with.I'd want to offer multiple lead magnets, but Mailchimp doesn't handle that type of thing in a user friendly way. So, for the time being I'd create a single download page and link to it from my confirmation page so, subscribers can access everything.

Then, I'd get the Thrive Architect plugin for WordPress ($67 for single license). That would handle all my landing page creation needs, and any custom page/post layouts I need such as the lead magnet download page etc.

I'd also get Thrive Leads (another $67), which will handle all of my opt-in forms. It supports every opt-in form type I would need & plenty of templates. It also has a few content upgrade specific templates.I recently used this plugin to deploy category targeted opt-in forms on my agencies blog (UK Linkology). Just by going from standard opt-in forms to offering readers a more relevant and enticing offer, we've increased conversions by over 300%.

So the total spend would come out at $134. But as soon as I had the budget, I'd switch out Mailchimp for something like Drip or ActiveCampaign, and start building out my sales funnel properly.

Robbie Richards - Blogger/Marketer

Robbie Richards


Outside of content creation, promotion, keyword research and everything else that goes into driving qualified traffic to your site, I only rely on a couple tools now to capture email subscribers.

1. Thrive Leads - by far the most powerful list building tool I've ever used. Welcome mats, popups, in-content lightboxes, header bars, screen fillers, countless triggers and powerful A/B testing capabilities, just to name a few. This tool has single-handedly helped me double my opt-in rate and collect over 10,000 email subscribers. I wrote a monster Thrive Leads review here.

2. Thrive Architect - Another tool from the Thrive team that allows you to build conversion-focused landing pages and post layouts in minutes with zero coding.

3. Sumo - a powerful free toolset that gives you everything you need to start building an email list from day one. You can see how I used Sumo to collect my first 2,239 email subscribers here.

Dre Beltrami - Blogger

Andrea Beltrami


If I had a budget for only 3 tools for building an email list, they would hands down be:

1. Blog

2. Opt-in plugin{s}

3. Email marketing platform

My preference for a blog platform is self hosted WordPress, because of the widespread support, massive diversity of themes, and the variety of plugins for anything and everything you want.

Sooo, why a blog? Well, leveraging a blog is the most kickass way to continually offer and test different free incentives, along with adding tons of value to convert your casual readers and visitors into subscribers.

Now if you want to collect email addresses you need a way to do that, right?!

Enter the opt-in plugin or form.

For opt-in plugins {that allow you to display an opt-in form on different areas of your site} there are tons of options at every budget. I personally use the free versions of HelloBar, and PopAlly, along with Leadboxes from Leadpages.

After you offer your kickass free incentive and collect a person's deets, you need a way to deliver on your promise and continue the converation.

Enter an email marketing platform.

My favorite email platforms are Mailchimp when you're first getting started building your list {they have a great free plan} and ConvertKit once you've got your incentives and funnels dialed in. Convert Kit really puts your list building on beast mode.

There's a LOT of magic you can do with just these 3 tools. Get em, use em, and watch your list and profits grow! BAM!

Devesh Khanal

Devesh Khanal


1. Time

This is most important. It's free, but also expensive, right? I've optimized many, many content based sites to grow email optins and the #1 trait for high optin rates is quality content.

That takes time.

You can't pump out crap content and expect people to optin like crazy. I'd allocate a week or two per piece to really make it high value.

2. Optinmonster

You need to actually get some optin forms on your site, and my favorite tool for this is Optinmonster.

It's cheap, works well, is constantly being developed, has good support, and their designs are great right out of the box. And with the next tool, I can avoid having to deal with buying a separate landing page builder.

3. A great WordPress Theme

Third party landing page builders can be great, especially for companies that are more than just a blog, but if we're talking about building a list from a blog, they can be annoying.

First you have to pay them $30 - $50/month -- that's fine, but it is necessary? Second, they have fancy designs, but they often don't match your blog theme -- so there is visual disconnect, which is unprofessional.

Instead, I've found if you just find a stellar wordpress theme that has great page templates, 90% of blogs can use those pages as their landing pages and simply have a button for an optin with Optinmonster (or equivalent). You don't have to go to another tool, you can stay in WordPress. And your landing pages match your blog theme perfectly.

Ashley Faulkes - Blogger

Ashley Faulkes


To build an email list fast, I believe there are three tools you should go and get....NOW!

1. An email marketing service you can grow into.

If you want to go down the free route, I would go with MailChimp. Although if you find things are growing fast, head on over and get a tool you can grow into like Active Campaign. Not only does it do all the emailing stuff, but it also allows you to add marketing automation - something you will thank me for later.

And it does not really cost a lot either. So forget Aweber (not enough features) and Infusionsoft (too expensive). Active Campaign is the sweet spot.

2. Now, you need a way to get people to give their email address from your website. If you are on WordPress (like me), I highly recommend Thrive Leads. It allows you to get people to give their email address in almost any way shape or form possible (sidebar, header, end of blog post optins) as well as all the current favorites (exit popup, welcome mat, multi-choice popup and content upgrades).

There is almost no tool like it on the market. If you want to read more about it, I have a detailed Thrive Leads review you should check out.

3. Another tool I would highly recommend for getting email signups is a landing page tool. This is great for collecting emails for a specific purpose (webinar, launch, new product, no website yet) and also directing people to when you are writing on or contributing to another website (guest posts, guest on a podcast etc).

Thrive again has an amazing product - Thrive Architect, which gives you all the landing pages you could want. However, if you don't have WordPress (or even a website), another great option (that is also good for popups) is LeadPages.

Julian at Blogging Aid

Cent M


An Email Autoresponder – aWeber or MailChimp.

When it comes to list building you certainly need an email autoresponder who can collect and store all your email subscriber details. I have tried both aWeber and MailChimp they are both good and have varying pros and cons. If you are on a budget rather than cutting out a list building tool at the least go for MailChimp which is free up to the first 2,500 email subscribers.

Bloom Email Opt-In Plugin by Elegant Themes.

The two features I love in Bloom are locked opt-in and slide up opt-in box. They convert the best on my blog. Other benefits of Bloom are; timed delay, bottom of all posts, after scrolling, after commenting, after a sale, A-B test sign-ups and responsive design layouts.

Instead of a 3rd Tool, I wanted to provide some Strategies:

  • Use the About page for email signups
  • Guest post and email signup in author bio
  • Contest or giveaway opt-in including Facebook ads
Akshay Hallur

Akshay Hallur


1. Thrive Leads: The thing I love the most about Thrive product is that they are feature rich and their every product is developed my taking conversion into consideration. Pop-ups, scroll boxes and also light boxes and landing page features in Thrive Content Builder, all are just great. It's just the best list building tool. It certainly pays back $67 you spent one-time in the form of conversions. I personally adore all the Thrive products

2. Leadpages: Recently they've landing page builder that's great to build great landing pages on-the-fly. Content upgrade or Lead link is what I liked the most (it triggers the Lead box whenever your set link is clicked on). It'll be great of letting people subscribe to your webinar. If you willing to shell out some more bucks, it's certainly worth it.

3. OptinMonster: It can be used on any type of standard sites; not just WordPress. It does not store optin boxes on your server, rather it is a cloud app and you manage all your popups in their cloud server itself.If you are looking to install and forget this on many niche sites, and control it in one centralized platform, this plugin is certainly worth it.

Donna Merrill

Donna Merrill


Tool #1 is GetResponse.

I've used several autoresponders, but this is my favorite. It's now the only one I trust and use, although I know there are several others that are highly reputable.

Now, just to be clear for folks who might be new to online marketing and list building, an autoresponder is not an optional tool... it's absolutely required.

As marketers and bloggers, we work hard to get people to join our email list so we can communicate with them on an ongoing basis.

This is how we can build a relationship with our followers, and offer them additional value and information that is relevant to them.

We can also find ways to engage with people on our email lists. We can ask the questions with surveys. We can invite them to our live-stream events like Google Hangouts, Periscope, Blab and others.

We can also use our autoresponder to email offers for our products and services as well as those that we might choose to affiliate.

We're always taught that "the money is in the list" and it's typically assumed that sending out buying links and affiliate links are the way to that we can monetize our email list.

I actually think it's best to use our list to build engagement as a primary objective, and use it for direct solicitation only occasionally.

Either way, you must have an autoresponder to do any and all of these things, and GetResponse is my favorite.

Tool #2 is Instabuilder.

In order to build a list, we must ask people to sign up somewhere.

On our blogs and websites, we can embed "opt-in" forms directly from GetResponse and other autoresponders. We simply create a simple message and ask people to subscribe to our list, usually to obtain something free.

In addition to traditional opt-in boxes, though, I like to embed links to squeeze pages to better explain to people why they should join my list, and what I have to offer them if they do.

In order to build a squeeze page, sometimes called an opt-in or landing page... you need a "page builder."

There are many good ones, and I've tried several, but I find Instabuilder to be the most user friendly.

It has templates you can use to choose a variety of squeeze pages, as well as thank-you pages.

As important as a squeeze page is to get people to sign onto your list is the thank-you page that essentially thanks them for signing up, but at the same time gives them "the next step" instructions.

You can use the thank-you page to let people download a pdf file (hence, it is often called the "download page").

You can also use it to remind people to go to their inbox right away to confirm their opt-in. I don't personally do that because I'm a staunch believe in single opt-in processes whereby people don't need to confirm their opt-in.

So, I use thank-you pages to simply remind people to get the access link to my product in their inbox. I tell them who the message will come from (sender) and what the subject heading will be.

So, I use Instabuilder to create the pages I need to get people to sign up for my list, and I also use it for the thank-you page that moves them along in the subscriber process.

Tool #3 is Typeform.

Typeform is a web-based application that enables you to engage directly with people.

You could, for instance, use it on your blog to ask your reader a series of survey styled questions that will qualify them as someone who should join your email list.

So, if you have a blog post or an article about how to run Facebook ad campaigns, for instance... you could embed a typeform survey that asks the readers questions like: have you ever run a Facebook ad campaign, are very likely to start using them soon, would you never in the world consider running one.

If their answers suggest that they are interested in this topic, you can then suggest that they sign up for your email list to learn how to run Facebook ad campaigns.

This helps you to create some engagement with people before asking them to subscribe to your list, and it also gives you market feedback as to whether or not your articles are drawing people interested in topics, products and services that you feature.

You can even use Typeform for people who have already joined your list, to better ascertain what they want to hear more about, what other of your lists they may be interested in signing up for, and again, to maintain a level of engagement with your subscribers.

All of these tools are helpful to get people onto your email list, but at the end of the day, letting people know that you understand their problems and that you are willing and able to help them solve those problems... this is what will really draw people onto your list.

Ankit Singla

Ankit Singla


Thrive Leads: This is the most effective lead generation WordPress plugin available. I use it to create opt-ins on my blog like lightboxes, popups, content upgrades etc. It has some great features like A/B testing, advanced targeting, asset delivery, etc. that makes list building fun.

Thrive Architect: List building becomes a child’s game when you have attractive and conversion optimized landing pages. This tool helps me to create them in minutes. Here is one landing page which I created using this tool for my latest FREE eBook offer “The Amazon Affiliate System That Generates $1000/Month.”

GetResponse: You need a list host to store your email list so that you can send newsletter and other valuable stuff to your email subscribers. I use GetResponse because of its easy to use interface and powerful auto-responder that allows me to set email sequences for business automation.

Jitendra - Blogger

Jitendra Vaswani


Building email list is very crucial and in the beginning I missed lot of opportunities to build my list as I was beginner in blogging I didn't focused on building email list. My favorite 3 tools for building list are:

OptinMonster : It is one best plugin to build email list I have used for some of my niche sites & it worked well. OptinMonster Killer features makes it simple to design opt-in forms and to target particular pages or even user-actions such as exit intent to display them. It also includes A/B testing and conversion analytics.

Sumo: This is new tool I have tried on my portfolio and it gave me good number of signups. SumoMe provides a free toolkit of apps to grow website traffic. These tools help drive extra traffic, engage current visitors, and build an engaged audience.

ManyContacts: I am already using this plugin on my Blog BloggersIdeas and getting great results from this hello bar. Why I prefer to choose it because it is very easy and get me lot of signups. I have experimented lot with this plugin and very satisfied with it.

These are 3 favorite email list building tools. Use these tools and see your email conversion skyrocketing.

Corinne Kerston

Corinne Kerston


Sumo. A plugin that let’s you create beautiful exit intent popups, scroll boxes, welcome mats and smart bars, all for FREE? What more can you ask for? Except maybe a killer free offer ….

Mailchimp or ConvertKit. Basically any mailing service that works for you. One that you can set up and work with, and that offers the features you need. Because if you can’t understand how to work with it, it’s not going to help you build your list. Not everyone will need it all, and that’s okay. For me, Mailchimp is working just fine for now.

Does a blog count as a tool? Or rather your blog content. Let’s just say it does. Because I’d say a good content is key to building those relationships that make people actually want to sign up for your list. Writing content, developing a voice and engaging your readers will allow people to get to know as a person. The more they know and trust you, the more they’re going to want to sign up to hear everything you have to offer.

Enstine Muki - Blogger

Elna Cain


The three tools that have helped me build my lists are: content upgrades, OptinMonster and Tailwind.

I find that using content upgrades helps tremendously with generating consistent subscribers. Even though they can be a lot of work to create, I like using content upgrades with my new blog as this helps me attract my target audience. I can tailor my blog posts for the type of reader I want and then entice them to sign up for my freebie. I know whenever someone grabs my incentive that they are my target audience.

Since I use a 2-step opt-in process with my content upgrades, I recently started using OptinMonster to display the pop-up, capture the lead and send it to my email service provider. So far, I don't have a single complaint – OptinMonster does one thing (lead capture), and they do it very well.

Finally, I've recently been automating my Pinterest marketing using Tailwind. I find that in my particular niche, Pinterest is my number one referral and drives highly targeted traffic back to my blog, where a large percentage of visitors opt into my content upgrades. I like Tailwind's drag-and-drop system and, in minutes, I can schedule my Pins for the week. Tailwind also makes it possible to pin numerous times a day, which ends up resulting in more repins, more traffic and more subscribers.

Elna Cain is a freelance writer who offers ghostwriting, copywriting and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility. Check out her new free email course for bloggers and writers, Get Paid to Write Online.

Michael Karp

Michael Karp


if I only had 3 tools in my budget for list building, I would choose:

1. Sumo

SumoMe offers an excellent selection of free and paid tools to help you drive traffic and build your email list. Whenever someone asks me about a good budget tool to use, this is what I suggest.

My favorite list building tools of theirs are List Builder, Welcome Mat, and ScrollBox.

2. Content Upgrades PRO

Content Upgrades PRO was created by Tim Soulo of Ahrefs. It's an excellent plugin for delivering post-specific lead magnets.

It gives you the conversion data you need, and you can send a specific welcome email to people who opt in to get different content upgrades.

For example, the content upgrade in this article converts at 3.31%, and it's a simple PDF version of the article:


3. Thrive Architect

Finally, I'd use Thrive Content Builder to build out landing pages and direct my traffic to them.

It's one of the best landing page builders I've used, mainly because you can have an optimized page up and running within 10 minutes without needing to know a single line of code.

You can implement dynamic elements, exit intent pop ups, countdown timers — the works.

You can also use it to style your blog/page content.Using these three tools, your site would be pretty well-optimized to capture emails and build your list.

Julian at Blogging Aid

Lorraine Reguly


To build an email list, you need to know a few things.

First of all, you need to identify who you want on your list.

Secondly, you need to have an incentive for people to join your list, such as a freebie of some kind (an e-book, a report, a list, etc.).

Finally, you need to communicate with those on your list and build a relationship with them. You need to help them solve a problem. You need to offer value to them. You need to earn their trust, especially if you are planning on selling things to them.

To do these things, I use a combination of tools.

First and foremost is my website, upon which I use pop-ups to let people know I want to give them a free e-book, 20 Blog Post Must-Haves. There are many pop-ups available to use. Personally, I use the WordPress Notification Bar plugin. I like it because it's free and you can customize the colors. 😉

It also integrates with another tool I use, which is Mailchimp and the Mailchimp plugin, which I use to give away my free e-book.

I'm still in the experimental stages with the Content Upgrades plugin, created by a friend of mine, Tim Soulo (from Blogger Jet and Ahrefs). I have both the free and the pro version. Offering additional freebies within each blog post will allow you to grow your email list faster as well as get some of your targeted audience on your list.

Growing my email list is not high on my list of priorities, however, which may surprise you! Fostering good relationships with my clients is. Providing stellar services at superb rates is. Pleasing my readers by giving them excellent content is. Email lists are over-rated, if you ask me. But it all depends on your goals!

As someone who has many interests, is an author, is a freelancer, and only works part-time, I can honestly say that growing my list is not something I've spent a lot of time on. Then again, I also don't have products to sell others; I'm a service-based freelancer. And I don't do a lot of affiliate marketing. That's not where my interests lie!

As my business and my authorship evolves, I suspect that my email list might take precedence over other things, but, for now, it's really low on my list of priorities!

What's more important to me is helping others create freebies such as relevant e-books for them to give away on their sites!

Lorraine Reguly is an English teacher-turned-freelancer for hire. She offers 4 different services on Wording Well: writing (including blogging and ghostwriting); editing; and mentoring. She also helps others become published authors!

Check out her services and see what she can do for you to help your business thrive. (Be sure to grab a FREE copy of 20 Blog Post Must-Haves, too!)

Renee Groskruetz

Renee Groskruetz


#1 ConvertKit

I actually just switched to ConvertKit 72 hours ago and it is already rocking my world. For years, I was on MailChimp and it is a truly wonderful tool and they have a free version.

However, I now want to start running email follow up sequences and ConvertKit just makes it super simple. With ConvertKit, my email sequence was up and running in 20 minutes.

Check out my sequence here: http://bit.ly/1X7hrNn

#2 Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is the WordPress plugin that I use to capture email addresses. It has dozens of pre-built templates ranging from Popups to slide-ins. No matter what I want to do, Thrive Leads makes it super simple. In particular, I love the fact that no code is required. The final point is that their tracking and analytics help me decipher what content upgrade people are most interested in.

#3 Thrive Architect

This tool literally changed my life. It is a WordPress Landing Page builder that is a true visual editor. Because of it, I have a full on process for content upgrades. When someone enters their email address in the opt-in form, they are redirected to a thank you page. This page tells them what to expect and reminds them to confirm their email address. With Thrive Architect this page is created within minutes, instead of hours.

Matt Ackerson

Matt Ackerson


Note to reader: Definitely read #1 and #2 -- but you should absolutely read #3.

1 - The first tool I would choose is one I've used for a while. It's Leadpages, and I won't be surprised if others name it as well. Their Leadboxes feature is great, and it is super easy to split test different design and wording changes. Plus, for running webinars, it's hard to beat the conversion rate of their pre-built templates for that. Last, the auto-delivery of a lead magnet (incentive / free piece of content) to a new subscriber is intuitive and a time-saver.

2 - The second tool I recommend is one we use for many of our customers' sales funnels at Petovera. It's called "Thrive Leads." It's built for WordPress and has some similarities to Leadpages' Leadbox feature, but here's the difference. With Thrive Leads you can segment email subscribers using "branching" interactive pop-ups. For instance, ask a question, the visitors clicks on one answer, and you show a relevant lead magnet offer in response. The second feature for Thrive that I like is their "multi-state" email widgets. This is a "smart funnel" feature. It allows you to show a different offers or call to action (like to share your content) to someone who has already joined your email list.

3 - Here's the last one and it's doubtful anyone else is also going to name it here: Google Webmaster Tools. "Huh?" you might say. "How does that build my email list?" Growing an email list is all about getting traffic to convert on your site. First, study the search terms that show why people are arriving on different pages of your website. Then look at the email list building offers or lead magnets you have on each page. How aligned are those offers with the reason people are coming to that page? Alignment of your offers with your visitors' search intent is the key idea here.

Tim Bourquin

Tim Bourquin


Email marketing still provides the highest ROI for most bloggers and online business owners, so it makes sense to put as much money as possible into that budget.

However, the goal isn't to build the biggest possible list. If you have 10,000 people on your email list but only 1% open your emails or click any links in those emails, you are wasting money and probably ending up on the "bad emailer / spammer" lists for Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail.

I've been doing email marketing for 17 years, and I would rather have an email list of 500 people with a 50% open rate than a list of 25,000 with a 1% open rate. Both would result in the same raw number of opens (250), but the smaller list is much more engaged and responsive.

Gmail, for example, sees this and is much more likely to deliver the smaller list's emails to the user inbox.

With that in mind, here are three tools to use to build a quality, engaged email list:

1) AfterOffers.com

Ok, I am a bit biased here because I'm the co-founder of After Offers. But before you decide I'm a big poopie promoter, consider a few things.

If you could offer your newsletter to someone who has just subscribed to a newsletter on the exact same topic, do you think that would be a targeted audience? You bet, and it's exactly what After Offers allows you to do.

Let's say your email newsletter is about boating. You can offer your newsletter to people who have just joined a boating newsletter on another site. That's the power of After Offers.

You only pay for valid subscribers that are not already on your list and your newsletter ONLY shows when someone has just subscribed to a newsletter with the exact audience to want to reach too.

It's a simple, inexpensive way to build your list with the exact type of subscriber you want.

2) Facebook Ads

Facebook is terrific for a single reason: targeting and re-marketing (OK, that's two reasons).

If you aren't using Facebook pixels to re-market to people that have visited your site but didn't join your newsletter, you're missing out on a super cheap way to get that person back and subscribed to your list.

Even if you have just 10 visitors a day to your website, perhaps two of them join your list. That's 8 people you can hit with an ad on Facebook that goes straight to a landing page opt-in form for your newsletter.

I won't get too much into the details here, but it's very easy to exclude people who have already joined your list from seeing the ads. They came to your site already so they must have been interested.

Get them to subscribe with an ad that says something to the effect of, "Hey I saw you stopped by my website but you didn't get a chance to subscribe to our awesome newsletter - how about now?"

This works great for both business-to-consumer AND business-to-business products.

3) Use a lightbox on your website

So you hate popups, right? Well get over it, because they work like gold!

The trouble with your current sign up form, is that it's probably in the sidebar and very few people see. Yeah, yeah, it's on every page of your site, you say. Good for you - how many people are signing up?

Now, no one is saying you have to pop up the opt-in box the moment someone comes to your site, but at the very least it should appear when someone is leaving, or ideally about 10 seconds after they have started reading your article or post.

You can even set most lightboxes these days to show up only once every week or two weeks or month so you don't aggravate your visitors.

There are a ton of lightbox plugins out there. Sumo.com is a popular one and so is OptinMonster.com. Pick one and get it up and running. You'll double or triple your daily sign ups immediately. It's that effective.

- Tim Bourquin, Co-founder, AfterOffers.com

Giles Thomas

Giles Thomas


When it comes to list building, the tools and processes you choose can make or break your success.

Unlike most experts I'm not going to recommend software (especially my own software as some experts will) or WordPress plugins that can help collect emails.

Instead I'm going to give you some real field tested advice from 5 years building an email list.

Here's three huge takeaways from some serious time in the trenches.

1. Customer development

There is no point collecting any emails without understanding your audiences pain points and desires.

Make sure you spend time speaking to your target audience and learning what one true goal they want to achieve or problem they want you to solve.

Then you can target the right SEO keywords and people to join your list who will be interested and excited to buy your products and services (that solve their problems and help them realise their desires).For example you can't sell a BBQ recipe book to vegetarian people.

Once you understand your audience on a psychographic level, you can move to step two. Aligning your keyword and search intent with your email opt ins.

2. Keyword Intent + The Power Broker Technique + The Content Upgrade

The more you understand your audience and refine your value proposition the easier it will be to collect emails, here's why.

Email list building is about ranking webpages in the first three results of a Google search and then offering that visitor an extra piece of content in exchange for their email address.

But, you must target keywords that a) have buying intent (Eg. they are ready to spend money) and b) are aligned with what you will eventually try to sell to the audience.You need to understand the keyword intent and buying intent.

Once you've nailed down a targeted keyword that is relevant to your value proposition and audience you need to rank first page, that is where the Power Broker Technique comes in.

Join this short course to learn how to rank page 1 using the Power Broker Technique.

Lastly, once you're spot on with your keyword, ranked first page and got the visitors you need, you have to convert them.

The best way to do this is by using the Content Upgrade. Simply put, instead of offering a generic opt in like "Join our email list" offer an opt in that is linked to the pages keyword.

Eg. If the keyword is "list building" then offer a bonus resource about list building. Content upgrade convert at 5 X to 10 X better than generic opt ins.

Tip: Check out Content Upgrades PRO. 😉

3. Email Outreach:

Ok so the final step to building a huge email list that makes you money on autopilot is email outreach.

Find all the top people in your industry, the big blogs and website, large social accounts and influencers and get them to link to, tweet and share your content.

You do this by emailing them one by one, building a relationship and asking them to help you.

But this only works if the content you make gets them excited.

This will drive you up the Google rankings, get you more reach and get you more traffic.

Traffic you can convert to emails with the content upgrade.

Finally, don't forget, email lists are only valuable if they are targeted and your sales messaging and products are relevant to the audience.

Get going, build your list and quit the 9 - 5!

Good luck.

Henneke - Blogger

Henneke Duistermaat


The three tools I would choose are guest blogging, SlideShare presentations, and an autoresponder series.

I'd choose guest blogging because in addition to increasing your email subscribers, it helps build authority and boosts SEO. This is especially useful when you're starting out.

I'd also choose SlideShare presentations because they're fun to create, they're an easy way to repurpose content plus they've provided an excellent way to gain email subscribers for me---I don't use the SlideShare lead generation tool, but add a call to action and a link to my landing page to encourage people to join my free snackable writing course.

When thinking about list building, most people consider traffic generation techniques, but a good sign-up bonus is also important.

An autoresponder series can be promoted as an ecourse, creating a sense of high perceived value.

And what's equally important, an email series helps build a relationship with email subscribers over time and, when written well, can consistently generate high open-rates (and sales!).

Now let's check out the others. 🙂

Ammar Ali

Ammar Ali


It depends on what's your goal with the email list. Here's what I'll do if I've to choose only three tools on my budget.

1. MadMimi - email marketing provider.

2. Sumo - optin form plugin.

3. Popular Posts - I'll identify popular posts and add some bonuses there in the form of a pdf to generate more subscribers.

Ana Hoffman

Ana Hoffman


1. Autoresponder, naturally. I'm currently using Aweber and ActiveCampaign.

2. Sumo - The best 'all-in-one' list building solution.

3. ThriveLeads - A great list building plugin, one-time purchase/no monthly fees, has a LOT more features that a regular blogger might need - I suppose that could be a good thing. Great lower-price alternative to LeadPages.

Anil Agrawal

Anil Agarwal


GetResponse, LeadPages.

These are the TWO amazing tools I personally use and highly recommend to grow your email list really quickly.

They both can help you building landing pages, offering incentives with ease and creating stunning opt-in forms which can convert your website visitors into subscribers without any fuss.

Ann Smarty

Ann Smarty


I actually use only two tools:

Sumo: GREAT collection of apps to collect the leads. They actually have all I need: From forms to social media buttons to have your articles spread better and generate more leads.

Mailchimp: Very user-friendly and easy-to-use platform to manage newsletter content and analyze your list growth. I tried other platforms in the past but they appeared too overwhelming..

Antonio Tooley

Antonio Tooley

Marketing Specialist at EduGeeksClub.com

At first, I would use LeadPages to create an awesome landing page. The templates they have are super-customizable and great looking and I really love that I can try A/B testing to see what performs best.

They also have cool opt-in forms and I can integrate all the info I collect through them with a number of other services such as MailChimp or AWeber. I also love their LeadBoxes which I can use as pop-ups.

I also love the idea behind Interrupt which creates a beautiful email form at the top of the page, it's less annoying than a regular pop-up and looks much more professional.

Finally, I will use Pagemodo to build beautiful Facebook campaigns that will drive leads to my site.

Brent Jones

Brent Jones


I'm sure there are many amazing tools out there to kick list-building into overdrive. I, on the other hand, keep my strategies fairly simple. I create attractive -- and useful -- free digital downloads using Microsoft Word and Canva, most often in PDF format.

And then I offer them through in-content opt-in boxes I create using a combination of the Shortcodes Ultimate plugin and Generate Press (my theme) CSS, which I have found highly effective.

But the three tools that I couldn't make do without -- if I had to choose -- would be AWeber (autoresponder), the premium Ninja Popups plugin (for highly effective exit intent popups), and Google Analytics (to measure conversion rates). These three -- as simple as they may be -- are the tools I find most important.

Chris Gimmer

Chris Gimmer


Daniel Tan

Daniel Tan


  • VWO for split testing
  • Aweber for mailing list
  • SEOPressor to optimize my blog post. We use blog post as opt-in pages, with the highest conversion at 40%+ consistently off free traffic (search + social).
Dennis Seymour

Dennis Seymour


1. LeadPages

For building landing pages, delivering magnets and even exit popups.

2. Autoresponder (preferably with automation for segregation)

This is a must, no arguments here.

3. FB Ads (It’s still technically a tool LOL)

Upload the list of emails you get and create a lookalike. Target them and test.

Dom Wells

Dom Wells


I would choose Thrive Leads, because I like how flexible it is and how easy it is to create a good opt-in form.

I’d choose Aweber to host my list. Not necessarily because it’s the best, but because I’m familiar with it and it helps my needs fine.

I don’t think I’d need a third tool to be honest!

Drazen Prastalo

Drazen Prastalo

  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Leads
  • Thrive Leads

Yes, Thrive Leads is all you'll ever need for list building (and more).

Enstine Muki - Blogger

Enstine Muki


You already know you can't build an email list without an email platform. In the industry today, AWeber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, iContact, etc are the few popular giants. But I'm feeling it exciting with MailerLite.

Having made my choice of platform, I'm really loving Thrive Architect . It's one of the best ways to create and control Lead capture pages and Content Upgrades. Unlike tools like LeadPages, I don't get to pay monthly fees and I get absolute control over my pages.

My third tool which actually is my next target is Thrive Leads. The Content Builder may be great but Thrive Leads has more list building dedicated options.

That's it 😉


Fabrizio Van Marciano


So the first tool that I would use to build my email list would have to be Thrive Leads. In fact I could probably get away with using just this to tool alone.

Reason being, I use WordPress and Thrive Leads has everything I need to build my list, from opt-in form builder tools, analysis and metric tools to audience and content targeting tools.

The second tool I would use is MailChimp. It's simple to use, intuitive, offers a ton of awesome list bundling and email marketing tools and features, and it's free in most cases.

The last tool I would use is Google Analytics to set up goal and conversion tracking for my opt-in pages, thank you pages and download pages.

If I was allowed only three tools and they could be anything to help me build my list, it would be those three above


Hector Cueves


If I could only use 3 tools to build my email list, I would choose Aweber, OptinMonster and a Studiopress theme.

You need a way to capture the email. Aweber has proven to be a reliable email marketing service. I've been using them for years.

Optin Monster's exit pop up and triggered pop ups are amazing. Some people don't like pop ups that show up immediately when you land on a page. But with Optin monster you have the ability to show them when visitors click on a link or an image. Works very well for content upgrades.

Studiopress themes are built with search engine optimization in mind, which means more free traffic from Google. If you want to build your list on autopilot, you need an endless stream of visitors.

James McAllister

James McAllister


1. GetResponse – my email marketing service of choice. I’ve tried out most major email marketing services and I’ve yet to find one that matches the features and affordability of GetResponse. Without their autoresponder, my online income wouldn’t be consistent at all.

2. OptimizePress, for landing pages and squeeze pages. A good chunk of my leads come from pay-per-click campaigns, which send all of their traffic to squeeze pages made by OptimizePress. My conversion rate for my squeeze pages has more than doubled since switching to OptimizePress, and because it’s so easy to make changes, I know this is only going to improve further.

3. Optin-Monster - A lot of people hate pop-ups, but you can’t ignore the fact that they work. Optin-Monster is perhaps the best pop-up plugin on the market, and you can customize it so the pop-ups capture leads without becoming annoying or otherwise taking away from the visitor experience.

Janice Wald

Janice Wald


3 tools to help me grow my subscriber list?

This is what comes to mind:

MailChimp of course. I grow more in love with it as time passes. I just discovered A/B Testing and the knowledge the analytics from it brings. I can also Tweet my Emails. MailChimp is free if you don't automate and have under 2,000 subscribers.

I have plug-ins like Content Resharer and Revive Old Post that enable people on Twitter to find my older articles. Those plug-ins would motivate them to come check out my blog and possibly subscribe.

I would definitely recommend the Sumo opt in box. It mentions my incentives for subscribing. My list has grown since I started using it.

Jason Quey

Jason Quey


1. OptinMonster. It's a great tool that helps you to collect emails on your site.

2. MailChimp. Once you collect your emails, Mailchimp makes it easy to send a newsletter or update to your list to check out anything you send to them.

3. ContentMarketer.io. What most do not realize is that unless you have sufficient amount of traffic, you won't get many emails. ContentMarketer has several tools to help you connect with influencers who can help drive relevant traffic to your site.

Jayson Demers

Jayson Demers


Jerry Low

Jerry Low


1. Facebook Ads - Right now Facebook is my go-to place when I need to expand my reach and grow my email list (and web traffic). A big part of WHSR's growth came from Facebook in 2015; and we are extending our FB marketing strategy in 2016.

2. OptinMonster - I like OptinMonster for two reasons. One, effective - the built-in A/B test engine makes it ultra easy to test out new ideas and increase conversion. Two, modern and beautiful pre-designed forms - so I don't need to spend all day altering the CSS codes. I switched to the pre-built "Full Screen Welcome Gate" a few months ago and am very happy with the results - conversion rate surged over 300%.

3. GetResponse - There's nothing much to shout about GetResponse but it's a tool I use daily to manage my subscribers and newsletter.

Jeff Bullas - Blog/Social Influencer

Jeff Bullas


The 3 tools I can't do without to build my list are:

Sumo. The best feature that I love is the "welcome mat" which allows me to offer a free book offer that converts like mad.

Leadpages: This gives me the ability to create landing pages fast. I use this for webinar landing pages and a ton of other op-tins.

Infusionsoft: This is my digital marketing automation tool that provides the foundation for controlling and optimizing my list building activities.

Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins


Sumo, Aweber and an amazing blog that adds value to the readers 🙂

Jon Dykstra
  • OptinMonsterMy favorite email sign up form service. Great variety in forms and excellent designs. Converts well for me and I like that it's cloud-based.
  • AWeber: Very easy-to-use email autoresponder.
  • WordPress Blog: I like building lists with blog traffic. It's part of my overall strategy on my B2C and B2B websites.
Julian at Blogging Aid

Kevin Duncan


If I found a magical lamp with a genie inside who granted me three wishes, I'm the kind of guy who would wish for more wishes. So, if I could only choose three tools to help me build my email list, I would choose OptinMonster, the Power Editor in Facebook Ads, and the Rainmaker Platform.

Why? Well, these three cover all my bases and then some.

OptinMonster allows me to create a variety of beautiful opt-in forms.

With Facebook Ads, I can promote my content to bloggers worldwide.

And Rainmaker is an all-in-one solution with numerous powerful tools built right in.

Do the math and I'm getting over a dozen tools by choosing these three. I like that. I like that a lot.

Kulwant Nagi - Blogger

Kulwant Ngi


ThriveLeads: This is one of the best tool you can ever have to boost your email subscribers. With the help of this tool, you can create stunning popup, converting welcome optin boxes, exit intent popups, sliders and many other things which can increase your email conversion tremendously.

Aweber: My weapon to collect email leads on my blog and send mails with awesome delivery rate. I am using Aweber from last 4 years. All I can say is - it’s awesome.

Content: Content is always the winner. Doesn’t matter which technique you are using to capture leads (video, audio, or text), visitor will give you his/her email address if you content is convincing enough. So I am putting a lot of efforts to produce quality content on my blogging niche and technology niche blogs.

Louie Luc

Louie Luc


If I was only allowed to use 3 tools to build my email list, I would choose three free ones that I recommend to anyone just starting out and without much money to spend.

1. MailChimp: This autoresponder service is the best place to get started when you're building a list for the first time. There's a free plan that allows you to build a list of up to 2,000 subscribers with everything you need to send out professional looking emails.

2. Sumo: SumoMe is a WordPress plugin that's really more like a box of surprises. Inside you will find many tools that allow you to build your list in no time. There's the List Builder which is a lightbox optin but my favorite is the Welcome Mat. It works like a curtain that fills out the entire screen and it really helps you reaching your list building goals.

3. WordPress: This one may seem obvious but there are a lot of folks who don't even need a WordPress installation to build their lists. Anyway, if you want to save money, WordPress can help you create cool squeeze pages where you get people to sign up. You just have to be a little creative to get your job done!

Loz James - Blogger

Loz James


1. Thrive Themes/Leads/Architect - a truly excellent choice that does everything you need to build an email list if you're running WordPress

2. Canva - a superb graphics tool to easily create nice looking clickthrough banners that link to your landing pages

3. Active Campaign - not just an email list software, but a Swiss army knife of automations that makes virtually anything possible with email

Mi Muba
Michael Pozdnev

Michael Pozdnev


Nathan Ellering

Nathan Ellering

Content Marketing Lead at  CoSchedule.com

LeadBoxes from LeadPages: We create content upgrades for every post. This handy tool helps you gate your guides to share them in exchange for email addresses.

Campaign Monitor: Once you start collecting email addresses, you need a tool that will scale with you as you build your list. Campaign Monitor is perfect for this.

The last isn't really a tool per se, but more of a technique combined with tech that you could do with a little help from a front-end developer. When you gate something, use browser cookies to understand which of your blog visitors have already subscribed, then dynamically change your call to action from collecting an email address to signing up for your product. It helps you maximize the information you know about your subscribers to help convert those who already trust you into real paying customers.

Nikki Purvy

Nikki Purvy


If we only had money for three tools we'd pick Leadpages, Aweber, and Facebook.

Without any of these platforms you'll have a pretty hard time running a successful lead generation platform.

Leadpages is used to build and host our landing pages and optins.

Aweber is our email marketing management provider.

And of course, you need Facebook to run ads and actually attract new subscribers.

All three of these work together to help us run a pretty automated lead generating system.

Neil Patel - Online Marketing Expert

Neil Patel


  • Hello Bar - helps you collect more emails for free.
  • Google Analytics - helps you track your email efforts so you can optimize for traffic and sales.
  • Mailchimp - it lets you send out emails for free.
Julian at Blogging Aid

Pauline Cabrera


1. MadMimi - It's all I need to send emails to my subscribers. Enough features for my needs, modern designs and super easy to modify. I love the tracker as well. Most of all, the pricing is much better than most email marketing tools out there.

2. LeadPages - I use their popup opt-in (leadbox) form to collect emails especially for content upgrades. I also love their landing pages! I'm in love with their attention-grabbing designs and how it's so easy to implement their features without spending too much time.

3. Photoshop - I use Photoshop to create attention-grabbing visuals to attract more people to sign up for my newsletter. And I always inject graphics in every email I send (so people won't get bored ;-)).

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan


The first tool is GetResponse. Highly affordable and the latest automation feature allows me to maximize my email marketing strategy (it is still in beta by the way).

The second would be Sumo. Forget about plugins as you can easily integrate SumoMe via code. Doesn't only it is fast and easy to implement, it is highly effective as well!

Lastly, MailChimp. I recommend this if you have limited budget and need to jump in quick into email marketing. Free up to 2,000 subscribes is an awesome feature and MailChimp's drag and drop is probably the best in the market.

Sherman Smith

Sherman Smith


The 3 tools that I use are:

I use Thrive Leads for exit intent popups and content upgrades. I just started using content upgrades this year and my email subscription rate increased. I've written quick list guides that adds another option of progress with your blog and business.

I use Google Analytics to figure out who's coming to my blog and what type of content is popular among them.

Social Warfare is a great social share plugin on my blog that my target audience shares among their online peers that are interested in the blog topics I publish. My blog gets the exposure and gives them a chance to opt in.

Steve Chou

Steve Chou


Here are my 2 tools

That's all you really need.

Stuart Walker - Blogger

Stuart Walker

Autoresponder: I use Aweber though it's been very problematic recently.

Email opt in tool: I use OptinMonster and it does the trick

Automation tool: AWProTool Links - clever tool this one

Julian at Blogging Aid

Sue Anne Dunlevie


  • My email service. I use Get Drip because of the way I can segment my list and they have wonderful, educated customer service reps.
  • OptinMonster - great, customizable exit-intent pop-up that doesn't annoy your visitors but gets a percentage of them to sign up for your list when they are ready to leave your site.
  • LeadPages - I have been a subscriber since they launched. They are the best for creating quick and easy landing pages to capture email addresses. I also use them to register readers for my webinars and to send my Lead Magnets and Content Upgrades through their delivery service.
Sujan Patel

Sujan Patel


If I were only allowed 3 tools I'd use Appsumo, Convertkit & ContentUpgradesPRO.com.

Appsumo (SumoMe) has a broad range of ways to subscribe people to your list. Welcome Mat works best for me as I have a very personalized message.

I also use Content Upgrades PRO to get in content email opt-ins.

Lastly Convertkit.com is on my favorite email marketing tools because of it's integrations and flexibility.


Swadhin Argawal


I would say, I will use thrive suite of tools.

Thrive Leads along with Landing Pages makes it extremely useful to create lead generating landing pages without worrying about coding.

The second tool would be WPForms. It enables you to easily integrate your email subscription to your contact forms and payment forms. It's really a great tool.

My third service would be GetResponse or Aweber for the auto-responder service to engage my audience. 🙂

Tim Soulo

Tim Soulo


1. Content Upgrades PRO - that is a WordPress plugin that I've created myself and use on my personal blog. With the help of this plugin I create "content upgrades" in my articles that convert visitors into email subscribers like a charm. After implementing this list building strategy on my blog I saw immediate 300% increase in email signups.

You can read my detailed case study here: http://bloggerjet.com/email-conversion-rate/

2. MailChimp - that's my email service of choice. To be honest I don't need much from an email service, so I don't use even 30% of what MailChimp has to offer. Just a simple automation sequence that drip feeds my free email course to new subscribers.

That's it.

Tim Soulo is the head of marketing at Ahrefs and you can get more great marketing tips from him on his personal blog called BloggerJet

Tom Hunt

Tom Hunt


1. Dripper.io - Twitter autoresponder that is pretty much undetectable that it is automated, direct people straight to landing page and be sure to explain clear value proposition for them doing so.

2. LeadDigits (https://blog.leadpages.net/biggest-launch-of-the-year/) - Sweet for podcasters as a significant proportion of podcast listeners, do so on their phones so VERY low barrier to sending quick text that collects their email to enter into competition etc.

3. Welcome Mat - Must have for any blogger, can get a 10% conversion on ALL traffic to your homepage if your lead magnet offer is specific, relevant of high value and quickly consumable.

Will Blunt AU
Zac Johnson - Blogger

Zac Johnson


OptinMonster / ThriveLeads / AppSumo - Any of the top popup lead generation tools are best for converting your site visitors into email subscribers.

Aweber / GetResponse / ConvertKit -- Any list hosting solution that allows me to collect data through my optin form, setup autoresponders and...

Facebook Ads -- Setup a retargeting campaign to show ads to all of my email subscribers through Facebook to continually convert them to paid leads or customers after they initial email signup takes place.

Wrapping it up

If you're still unsure about which tools you should use for email marketing and list building, here's what I'll say...

Obviously, you'll need an email marketing provider, an email capture tool, and maybe one for creating landing pages.

So here's what I'd recommend:​

  • Mailchimp for your email marketing provider.
  • Thrive Leads for your email capture tool. It's the tool I use on all my sites because it's easy and has just about every optin form you need.
  • Thrive Architect to build awesome landing pages. I use it. It's easy.



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Julian started his first blog way back in the summer of 2014. He is very passionate about building websites and watching them grow. He has made many mistakes over the years and is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge on Blogging Aid so he can help beginner and intermediate bloggers become successful bloggers.

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  2. Looks like Thrive is the clear winner here! By the way, you should probably move away from Mailchimp. They are against affiliate marketing in their TOS, which means you can’t use them to link to content such as this.

    1. Yeah, Thrive is pretty cool.

      I better add that part about Mailchimp for those who’re planning on doing a lot of affiliate marketing, huh?

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  5. Hey, Julian!

    So excited to see my many great friends listed in here. 🙂

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    ~ Adeel

  6. That’s an excellent roundup, Julian!

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  7. Hi Julian,
    Great round up!

    Email list building is as necessary as it is to survive in the blogging world. No other advertising or content form can have the effect that emails do in terms or traffic or sales.

    Glad that the end recommendation came out to be the ones I am using. However, I do plan to move to GetResponse from mail chimp in the near future. 🙂

  8. Hey Julian, thanks for having me! This is an inspiring post and I am honoured to be in your list of experts. Type Form and Thrive is now in my to-try list after reading some of the inputs here. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, Typeform sounds real interesting.

      I like what Donna said about how it can help create engagement before even asking the people to subscribe.

      Cool, eh! 😀

  9. Thank you so much for including me in such a wonderful posts. It is really great to see the list of most used/recommended tools. So much value here. After using ConvertKit for even a few more days, I can say that I should have switched long before. It is a wonderful tool that is extremely easy to use.

  10. Hi Julian,

    Great post and lots of goodies to dig into.

    I was happy to be part of this and happy to introduce some folks to Typeform, which is both free and paid upgrade (of course)… but the free is absolutely fine for most people.

    Build a list, offer a product… it’s all good, but engagement is where we start to shine bright in a sky full of twinkling stars.

    Fun stuff and I’ve found a few things to peek at myself, although I’m not a big toolie.


  11. Hey Julian,

    Thanks for including me in this roundup. It’s great to be included in a list of other successful bloggers! It’s amazing to see how much we all have in common.

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  12. Hi Julian,

    Nice roundup and sharing a great list of email marketing tools. But you forget to mention my name in the list. I am mostly using Sumo Me and thrive content builder.

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  14. Hi Julian,
    I like your list. But my choice is not mentioned in the above list. I access Apptivo over 2 years in my business. For my experience, it worth for pay.

  15. Good work Julian.Looking forward to try out these tools.Currently am using easysendy pro which is also working well well for me.

  16. If we are talking about Email marketing, then II would like to add up one more tool which i have used before -Easysendy Pro.It is also a good tool, cost effective and provide more than 10 SMTP’s.

  17. Hey Julian,

    Have you heard of esend.io? Can you check it out and give some opinions about it? I’ve come to know about it recently and it seems promising.

  18. Wow! What a great and in-depth post! Keep it up. My favorite email tool is GetResponse. They also have marketing automation, which is pretty cool. Also, autoresponders and Google Analytics are a must!

  19. Julian, would love your thoughts on a tool like NiftyImages.com. We allow marketers to create animated Countdown Timers and Personalized Images(using subscriber merge fields), to help increase click through rates. The images work with any email service provider and can easily be added to any campaign/triggered emails.

    Example: https://niftyimages.com/ex/7/k27/927?name=Julian

    Free trial available as well!

  20. Really amazing. The post is quiet knowledgeable. I think this is among the most vital information for me.And i’m glad reading your article. Thank You for sharing your important information.

  21. Thank you so much for including me in such a wonderful posts. It is really great to see the list of most used/recommended tools. So much value here. After using ConvertKit for even a few more days, I can say that I should have switched long before. It is a wonderful tool that is extremely easy to use.

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