10 Easy Ways to Get Your Blog Insanely Visible 

 November 15, 2016

By  Julian

Get Your Blog Visible

This is a guest post by Corinne Kerston.

You spend all that time building your blog.

You think of the perfect blog posts.

You add the right images.

You publish it and share it, hoping for the views to pour in.

Then ... nothing.

It seems like no one is listening. Sure you get some readers, but not enough to call your blog a success.

You, my friend, need to get visible.

Before we go into ways to help your blog get seen and heard by all the right people, let's assume you have these things down:

  • Your niche. You have a clear idea of what you blog about. I'm talking very clear, laser-like focus on your niche.
  • Your value. You should also know what you have to offer readers. What is it about your blog that's just a little different?
  • Your audience. You must also know who your target reader is. Visibility is all about getting in front of the right people, so make sure you know exactly who that is.

Okay. Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about how to get visible.

10 Ways to Get Instantly and Insanely Visible

#1 Go bigger and better, and put your link in all the right places

​Start by researching what's out there. Use Buzzsumo to see popular posts in your niche.

Buzzsumo 1

Look for posts that get shared often.

Buzzsumo 2
Buzzsumo 3

Then use Moz's Open Site Explorer to find out who is linking to that page.

Copy and paste the URL of the blog post into the search box, then click on Linking Domains to find out who's linking to that post.

Moz OSE `
Moz OSE 2
Moz OSE 3

Once you know that other sites are linking to a particular blog post, write something similar, but do it bigger and better. If it's a top 10, do a top 20. Add images that show exactly what to do. Basically, go more into detail.

Then email the bloggers who have linked to the original post. For example: Hi ____, I noticed you linked to (original article) in your post (post name). I created a similar post that you might enjoy called (your post title).

And make sure your title is so epic that they know it's something worth checking out.

Quick Note: A great alternative to the tool(s) mentioned above is Ahrefs. It may even be better than the 2 because it's like Moz's Open Site Explorer and Buzzsumo combined.

Ahrefs 1

​#2 Use Pinterest for even more search power

Pinterest started as a way to categorize ideas, turned into a social network, then morphed into one of the biggest search engines. Just about anything can be found on Pinterest, and people do search just about anything.

Optimize your posts for pinning by using vertical images that clearly display your blog title and brand colors. Fill out the pin descriptions, using keywords and calls to action to click through and read more.

Join group boards and pin often to make the most out of Pinterest.

If you'd like to learn more about Pinterest and how to use it to gain visibility, visit AdEspresso's step-by-step guide.

​#3 Be active and provide tons of value in Facebook groups

I’m not talking about blogging and post sharing Facebook groups. I’m talking about groups where your target reader hangs out.

There’s probably a Facebook group for every interest out there.

So get out there and find them. Join up and answer questions. Help people. Provide tons of value.

If the situation fits (and the group rules permit it), link to a blog post of yours that will genuinely help the person asking the question.

It’s all about getting your name and face in front of the right audience.

​#4 Live stream to be seen and increase your expert status

​With tools like Periscope, Zoom and Facebook Live at our fingertips, it’s never been easier to live stream.

And live streaming has never been more popular. Because it’s something that works well. It allows your audience to see you, to get to know you and come to trust you.

Go live and talk about one topic, sort of like a mini webinar. Repurpose your popular blog posts into video lectures. Or do some questions and answers with your followers. It doesn’t have to be long. Bottom line, go live, let them see you and provide value.

#5 Teach webinars to really get seen

Since we’re talking about going live, let’s talk webinars.

Typically longer than a live stream, a webinar gives you the opportunity to teach your followers something they really need to know.

It's a great way to spread the word about your blog and show new people you really know your stuff.

If you’re not too hyped about doing a full webinar by yourself, consider teaming up with someone else. Find someone with a similar audience and create a webinar together.

You can each do half, and both of you promote it. You get seen by their audience, and they get seen by yours. Win-win!

Quick Note: ​To get you started, check out Convince and Convert's 14 Steps to Hosting a Successful Webinar.

#6 Host a challenge to inspire and grow your email list

​Challenges, if done right, have the ability to bring you both tons of traffic and tons of email subscribers.

How great is that!?

Pick a topic that your target audience is struggling with. Pick just one thing.

Your challenge should be about 5-7 days, not too long or too short.

Give them one lesson each day, with one action step to take.

Help your challenge go viral by making it super easy for people to share it. Have social sharing buttons on the landing page. Add click to tweets and sharable links in your sign up emails, as well as your challenge emails.

When they’re in the middle of the challenge (and loving it!) they are more likely to share it with their friends.

#7 Comment on other blogs to get noticed

Many people leave comments on other blogs to gain some traffic and backlinks.

They target any and every blog, with something like “great post” or “I learned a lot of from this post. Very inspiring.”

This can come off as kind of spammy.

But you; you know better.

To use blog commenting as a way to get insanely visible, start by reading the blog post. Then leave a comment that adds some value. Offer an additional tip that was not covered, or an additional tool, even.

Write something that shows what an expert you are in your niche.

It may not seem like much, but believe me, both bloggers and readers pay attention to these comments. It’s a great way to get seen by more readers, and get noticed by influencers.

#8 Write guest posts to get in front of more readers

You’ve heard this before. Write guest posts.

But not just any guest posts. You need to be guest posting on blogs with a similar audience.

There’s no point in getting seen by a whole new audience if that audience isn’t your target, m’kay?

And aim for blogs that have a decent amount of traffic, and an engaged audience.

You want to make sure their audience is actively reading and sharing. So look for comments and social shares.

When you land your guest post, give them your best stuff. This is your chance to introduce yourself to a whole new audience. Make sure your post fits the site, the style, the audience … and that it’s totally epic.

Ahrefs has this great piece where they show you case studies, data, and some tips. Check out here.​

#9 Write expert roundup posts for an instant boost in traffic

I’m a huge fan of roundup posts. They’re pretty easy to do and have so many benefits.

Okay, so you have to send out a bunch of emails and then put the post with all the images together, but really, you’re gaining traffic from each person you include in your post so it’s totally worth it.

Now, there are 2 must-have elements to a great roundup post.

The first is a killer question. Your question MUST be something your target reader is interested in or struggling with. You want them to tune in and get super excited about this resource you’re creating. So it must be something they care about. Also, it shouldn’t be overly complicated. You’re posing this question to multiple bloggers, and like you, they’re busy. Make it something they can answer simply, but also give you a more thought out answer if they choose to.

The second element is your experts. You have to be strategic about this. Like guest posting, you want to pick experts who will help elevate your blog within your niche. So look for influencers with a decent amount of traffic.

For more help, go see Tor Refsland's post on the SumoMe blog.

#10 Get featured as an expert

​What better way to increase your visibility and authority than to get featured as an expert?

There are many places you could do this. Do interviews on other blogs or podcasts. Join in as a guest on webinar and share your knowledge with someone else’s audience. You could have your story shared in someone’s book.

There are many different outlets for getting featured, but the bottom line is getting features makes you look like an expert, and it immediately boosts your visibility and website traffic.


​You’ve been consistently writing great content. You’ve been sharing on social media. But it hasn’t been enough.

It’s time to get visible. And these 10 things will help you get there. Try one, try them all.

Start getting your blog out there.

Guest Author: Caffeine addict, yoga lover, blog strategist. Corinne helps others find their freedom from the trial and error of building a successful blog. Her goal is to help others stand out among the crowd, and help them find their own best strategies for growth. Connect with Corinne on her website or on Pinterest.

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