How to Pick a Good Blog Name: 10 Quick and Easy Tips 

 January 6, 2023

By  Julian

If you are having a tough time picking a good name for your blog, have no worries. I'm here to help!

Your blog name is a crucial part of blogging. It has to be relevant and should express what your website provides.

In this post, I will give you 10 quick tips that'll help you come up with a blog name that is memorable.

How to Pick a Good Blog Name in 2023

How to Pick a Good Blog Name

There are many things to consider when choosing a blog name. Important things. Guidelines.

However, some are far more important than others. So important that if you were to ignore them you could end up paying hefty hefty fines.

But, don't you worry your little heart out. You're here with me! 🙂

Let's get you educated.

Here are some tips for finding the best blog names (including the ones that'll help you stay out of legal trouble!):

1. Avoid Brand Names and Trademarks

I can't stress this enough.

Bloggers who are just beginning their blogging journeys run into this all the time. But you will not!

You see:

Using other brands' names and trademarks for yourself can ruin your whole blogging efforts.

Let's say you build a site around gaming topics. Particularly, Xbox. You create massive amounts of content and eventually start generating revenue. Thousands of dollars come in every month.

But then someone at Microsoft takes notice and your blog gets reported. Long story short, you lose it all because your blog and domain name has XBOX in it.

But this is stupidly easy to avoid. Simply DO NOT USE TRADEMARKED BRANDS in your blog name.

2. Try to Keep Away From Certain Characters

Expert bloggers and digital marketers suggest that you should avoid using certain characters in your name.

When you're picking a domain name for your blog, numbers and hyphens are allowed. However, it's common practice these days to use nothing but the alphabet.

Numbers and hyphens can make it confusing for readers. They will make it harder to remember.

3. Size DOES Matter

In terms of your blog domain name, the length actually matters. I mean think about, when the last time you visited a site with a super long domain name?

In an ideal world, you'll want your domain name to be two or three words long.

The whole point of your blog and domain name is to be memorable. If you pick a blog name that's like five, six words long, it threatens your chances at being unforgotten.

4. Aim For The One Everyone Knows

There are many domain name extensions at your disposal. .org, .info, .io, .gg. It seems like the domain name registrars are adding more and more each day.

You can use any extension you want. But, what's the one that everybody knows at the top of the head?


It's what people immediately think of when it comes to the internet.

And since you want to be easy to remember, you too should choose a .com domain name.

They're usually one of the cheapest, too, in terms of cost. You can get one for around 10 bucks a year.

5. Be Brand-Worthy

Back in the day, the common practice was to include your target keywords in your domain name. For example, if you wanted a site about headsets for gaming, you'd pick a domain name like bestgamingheadsets.com.

Nowadays, it's best to choose a blog name that sounds like a brand. It goes back being memorable.

So instead of a keyword focused approach, you would go with something like headsethero.com.

6. Try the' Niche + Brand/Power Word Formula

A fun and simple way to come up a good blog name is to take your niche or industry and some brand or power word to it.

If you're in the gaming niche, for example, you might go with GamersAdvice.com or GameJunkies.com

Give it a try. You can give reverse it or even add in a word or two.

7. Is Your Idea Even Available?

There are thousands of blogs created each day. And that's being generous.

One of the worst things when you're starting a blog is that when you come up with an amazing blog name and pop it into a domain name search bar and some dude has had it since the 90s.

Domain search 01

A simple way around this is to have a domain registrar on hand so you can do a quick search every time a new idea pops into mind.

8. Use a Handy Dandy Thesaurus

Using a thesaurus is great for finding brandable words you wouldn't be able to think of on your own.

It's also an easy way to find something different when your name idea is taken. For example, you wanted CookingAdvice.com, but someone already has it. You can pop "advice synonym" into Google and wham...

Synonym search 001

Now you've got CookingHelp, CookingAid, and more!

9. Use Popular Abbreviations

Using well-known abbreviations is a great way to get around the trademark issue we covered in the beginning.

An example I see all the time is in the WordPress niche.

Obviously, you shouldn't have WordPress in your blog domain name. You'd likely get a letter in the mail to shutdown operations or something far more worse.

In the WordPress community, everyone uses WP for short. Website owners included.

If you Googled a search term related to WordPress in any way, you'd likely run into a WP domain name in the search results.

Here's an example where I searched for "WordPress page builder":

Google search 001

As you can see, THREE consecutive results show up with WP in the domain.

So if you have a niche where you can use an abbreviated term to avoid legal issues, use it!

10. If All Else Fails... Use What Your Mama Gave Ya!

And no. I'm not talking about your moneymaker.

If you can't come up with a decent blog name idea, you should consider using your own name.

There are many sites where people use their full name for a domain.

If it's taken, you can try something like LoseWeightWithAnna.com.


Finding a great blog name does not have to be difficult. If you go through the 10 tips I outlined for you above, you won't have any problems coming up with one that fits and that your audience will remember.

Are you ready to register your domain name?

Check out our guide to starting a blog for more help.

If you need more help finding a blog name, reach out in the comments below!

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Julian started his first blog way back in the summer of 2014. He is very passionate about building websites and watching them grow. He has made many mistakes over the years and is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge on Blogging Aid so he can help beginner and intermediate bloggers become successful bloggers.

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    It was an amazing read! I remember when I was starting my own blog, the name was the most difficult part. I read so many guides and articles on how to choose the correct name. I really got a bit nostalgic after reading your article. But, kudos on curating such an informative piece of content. I will be bookmarking this and sharing it with people who are struggling with naming their blog. Thank you for taking the time and putting together such a great article.

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