Thrive Leads Review: The Only List Building Tool You'll Ever Need

Thrive Leads Review: The Only List Building Tool You’ll Ever Need

Thrive Leads Review - Summary

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Thrive Leads is the ultimate list building tool for WordPress-based blogs and websites. It literally provides everything you need to create high quality optin forms that convert your traffic into email subscribers.

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Thrive Leads Review

Thrive Leads Review: The Only List Building Tool You'll Ever Need

What is Thrive Leads?

Thrive Leads is one of the go-to tools in WordPress lead generation (list building). It is used and recommended by some of the biggest pros in blogging and online marketing, including a couple handfuls of the 60+ experts we featured here.

Thrive Leads Logo

The plugin was created by professional internet marketer, Shane Melaugh, and his team at Thrive Themes.

It is designed to help you create high-quality optin forms that convert. And with its easy-to-use drag and drop editor, anyone can to do. Especially with all the templates it offers.

Thrive Leads Optin Forms

One of the best things about Thrive Leads is that it offers every type of optin form you would ever need.


9 (+3) Types of Optin Forms

Before we get into the forms, I have to mention something called lead groups.

A lead group is where you manage all your optin forms. It works as a hub (and category). You'll be able to name your forms, pick where your they go, and more.

Anyway, let's go check them out.

1. The Lightbox (Popup)

Email popup forms are one of the most popular forms out there.

However, some people think they are annoying. I mean, I can see it. Sometimes, you just want to read the page's contents without having popups getting shoved in your face.

But there are plenty of reasons to love the lightbox.

For one, they are very eye catching (especially with Thrive Leads :D).

Example of a Thrive Leads Lightbox

Not only that...

There's the exit-intent where the form pops up when the visitor points their cursor toward the back button.

2. The Widget

Every blog with a sidebar almost always has a widget form. I mean, it may not be the best at converting your traffic into leads, but it's nice to just have it there. You know?

Widget Form

You can also have one within your site's footer.

Footer Widget Form

Pretty cool, huh?

3. The Ribbon

Have you ever seen that little bar on top of a website? Sometimes, it's at the bottom and it sticks there. Meaning, no matter how much you scroll the signup bar stays there.

Ribbon Form Bar

4. The Scroll Mat

I'm sure you've seen one of these.

The scroll mat is usually triggered right away. And it covers the whole screen.

Scroll Mat

To get back to the website, you would have to scroll down, click a "No Thanks" button, or, of course, sign up and become a subscriber.

5. The Screen Filler

This type of form is like a hybrid of the lightbox and the scroll mat.

The Screen Filler Form

The screen filler form also supports the exit-intent feature.

6. The Slide-in Form

Next on the list is the slide-in. This form is almost like a lightbox, in that it pops up when it, well, pops up.

Slide in Form

The form is triggered when the visitor scrolls down the page. You'll have the choice on when (e.g., 50% or 80% of the page).

7. The In-content Form

This form will show up somewhere within your content.

In Content Form

Its placement will depend on you. You'll have the choice to have it under your first paragraph or your tenth paragraph and every other in between.

8. The Post Footer Form

Next on our list of forms is the post footer. It's almost exactly like the last one we looked at, in-content.

The difference is this form shows up right below your post's last paragraph.

Post Footer Form

9. The PHP Insert

The next one of this list is the last one that's a part of the lead group we talked about earlier. And if you don't know PHP is, you should not mess with this one.

This form requires you to copy a strip of code and paste it anywhere on your site.

PHP Insert Form

The form looks like any other form on our list. So please, if you're not familiar with PHP, don't go messing up your site trying to get another form in.

10. The Lead Shortcode

Like the PHP insert form, this one also requires you to copy and paste a code to your site.

Lead Shortcode 1

But unlike PHP, the shortcode is HTML-based. Meaning, all you would need to do is hit the TEXT tab in your [default] WordPress editor and paste it in.

Lead Shortcode 2

11. The ThriveBox

Have you ever heard of the content upgrade? It's where you offer a checklist, for instance, for a guide on how to do something.

Anyway, the ThriveBox is an easy solution to this.

Simply create your lightbox and embed the link to your post...

ThriveBox 3
ThriveBox 1

Your visitor clicks, the lightbox pops up...

ThriveBox 2

...they sign up and an additional subscriber is added to your list.

12. The Signup Segue

This one is interesting. It isn't exactly an optin form, but more of a link.

Thrive Leads Signup Segue

Here's how it works:

  • Send the link to your subscribers.
  • They click, they get automatically signed up for your event/list.
  • Done.

Pretty cool, huh?

This would work if you were hosting a webinar. Instead of having your subscribers go through another signup process, you could have them simply click a link and they're automatically on the list.

The same would work if you're setting up a new email list.

For example, let's say you have your main list at 5000 strong and you're planning on launching a coaching program. To see if any of your subscribers are interested, you would send them this link. And if a thousand of them click, you would have a nice list of leads way before launch.

100+ Easy-to-Edit Templates

That's right. Thrive Leads offers hundreds of templates. Each type of optin form has their version of templates.

So if you think about it, there are over a thousand of them, considering there are 10+ types of optin forms.

Let me show you some of my favourites.

Thrive Leads Template 1
Thrive Leads Template 2
Thrive Leads Template 3
Thrive Leads Template 4

This literally is just 3% of the templates Thrive Leads offers, of course. I would love to show you more, but that would just take too much time.

So I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. 😉

Believe me...they're all amazing.

The Drag and Drop Editor

Thrive Leads' editor is the same software from Thrive Architect.

Thrive Leads Architect Editor

I love using this thing. It's incredibly easy and powerful.

I even use Thrive Architect the plugin to create all my content on all my sites. It's that good. And for it to be included in Thrive Leads is awesome.

Thrive Leads Features

Thrive Leads comes with a nice set of features that are designed to help you build and nurture your mailing list.

Let's take a look at them.

1. Integrations

Thrive Leads can integrate with all the leading providers in email marketing. And then some.

Thrive Leads Integrations 1
Thrive Leads Integrations 2

2. A/B Testing

With Thrive Leads' A/B testing feature, you can test 2+ forms against each other in any lead group.

For example, you can create 2 different versions of a lightbox form. Perhaps, one of them with the exit-intent and the other without it.

You'll also have the option to automatically choose a winner based on performance. Whichever form with the best conversion rate wins. Loser gets archived.

Thrive Leads A/B Testing

The A/B Testing feature also comes with detailed reporting. This includes a chart, conversion data, and more.

3. Advanced Display Settings (e.g. Exit Intent)

Thrive Leads comes with a lot of display features.

Where do I begin?

i. Exit-Intent and Smart Exit

Exit-intent is when an optin form pops up when the user has their cursor hovered out of the website's viewpoint. This tells the Thrive Leads software the user is about to leave the site.

Exit-intent Thrive Leads

Now, for mobile users, it's virtually impossible to tell when a user is about to back out of a website.

The only way to get your optin form to display for them is with Smart Exit. This is a feature where you'll choose the amount of time (seconds) the form will take before popping up.

Smart Exit Thrive Leads

ii. Lead Group Display Settings

These settings determine where your Lead Group forms will display.

You can choose to have them on all your posts, all your pages, 404's, etc.

Thrive Leads' Lead Group Display Settings 1

You can even choose to exclude them from certain pages.

Thrive Leads' Lead Group Display Settings 2

iii. Desktop and Mobile Settings

These Thrive Leads display settings give you the option to choose whether or not a form type displays on mobile or desktop.

For instance, if you have an optin form you think wouldn't work well on mobile, you can switch it off. But it would still show up for desktop/laptop users.

Thrive Leads' Desktop/Mobile Display Settings

Pretty cool, right?

iv. Display Frequency

You know how annoyed your visitors would get if your lightbox form pops up every time they visit a new page? Most of them would leave without signing up to your mailing list.

This display feature will help with that.

For every form you create you will have the choice for how many days are in between each impression. 1 day. 2 days. 3 days. Even 100 days.

Thrive Leads Display Frequency

v. Display Animation

The display animation is what your optin form will look like as it comes into the user's viewpoint.

Do you want it to zoom in? Slide in from the top?

Thrive Leads Animation Display

There are over a dozen of options to choose from.

4. Asset Delivery

Thrive Leads Asset Delivery

Thrive Leads' Asset Delivery is a nice little feature. It takes the download page out the picture, which could save a little bit of time for you and your subscribers.

Asset Delivery helps you deliver your download links to your subscribers a lot faster than having to send them to a download page.

For this feature to work, you would need to integrate with a delivery service. Unfortunately, Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, or any of the well known email marketing solutions won't work for this.

You would have to look at tools like SendGrid, SendinBlue, and Mandrill.

Thrive Leads Asset Delivery Integrations

How does it work, you ask?

It's simple.

When your visitors decide they want your freebie, they'll sign up. And instead of sending them a confirmation email and a download page, you will simply send them an email with a download link.

Thrive Leads Asset Delivery Email

That's it.

5. The Smart Links Feature

This feature is pretty cool. It's meant to give your existing email subscribers a better experience on your website.

For instance, if you just published a new blog article and wanted to promote it to your mailing list, you would create a Smart Link for that post so that your subscribers wouldn't see any of your optin forms.

Even More Cool Features

  • Advanced Reporting - keeps track of everything.
  • Leads Export - keeps a list of all subscriber data.
  • Lazy Load Forms - keeps your site from slowing down.
  • Purge Cache - keeps Thrive Leads' overall performance at a high.

Thrive Leads Pricing

Thrive Leads offers a very competitive price tag.

Let's have a look.

So, there are 3 pricing points. They are based on license packs.

1 Site / $67

5 Sites / $97

15 Sites / $147

Quick Note: If you are interested in getting more for your money, consider opting for the Thrive Themes Membership. It starts at $19 per month and you get all of Thrive's themes and plugins. Including future products and updates. (MORE DETAILS)

Thrive Leads Review | The Verdict

Thrive Leads is the ultimate lead generation and list building plugin for WordPress. It's user-friendly. Anyone can use it.

Would I recommend it?

I would. In fact, I'd highly recommend you choose Thrive Leads over other list building tools.


  • Pricing will not break the bank.
  • Easy to use. Especially after a few days.
  • Offers a wide range of templates.
  • check
    Offers all the features you need.


  • The editor does not autosave. So if you forget about your work or something goes wrong, you may have to start over.

Starts at $67


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