Thrive Themes Review: Is The Thrive Suite Worth it in 2023? 

 January 8, 2023

By  Julian

I've been using Thrive Themes products for many years. Going on 8 years, to be exact. I joined the Thrive Themes membership in 2015. Their most popular product Thrive Architect had a different name back then.

One of the great things about being a Thrive Themes member this long is you get access to all new products they add to their suite. My favourite is the Thrive Theme Builder.

But we'll get into the Thrive Suite in a minute.

Let's have a quick look at our Thrive Themes review summary.

Thrive Themes Review - Summary:

Thrive Themes offers WordPress themes and plugins that are based on growing your web business by increasing conversions. The Thrive Suite offers 8+ plugins and 11+ themes.

Main Benefits:

  • Get all the tools you need to build a successful website business.
  • Design a beautiful website with ease.
  • Create content your visitors will appreciate.
  • Convert your traffic into subscribers and customers.




Ease of Use



Thrive Themes Review 2023

Thrive Themes offers premium tools for WordPress users called Thrive Suite. The suite includes a visual page editor, a theme builder, an email list builder, and several others that aim to increase sales and conversion rates.

Thrive Themes Review

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Is Thrive Themes Worth It? My Thoughts

Is Thrive Themes actually worth it? Let me put it this way:

Thrive Themes offers all their products in one membership they can Thrive Suite. We'll get into each of them in a minute, but real quick here they are and what they do:

  • Thrive Architect - lets you create beautiful content with ease. Provides a visual drag and drop builder where you can use it to create blog posts, website pages, landing pages, and more.
  • Thrive Theme Builder - lets you create every type of web page, custom headers and footer, and more. It basically lets you design a website that looks like it was done by professional developers.
  • Thrive Leads - lets you build any type of opt in form to help you build a mailing list.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder - lets you build quizzes for your visitors to increase your mailing list subscribers, build engagement, and get more social media shares.
  • Thrive Optimize - lets you create powerful a/b testing campaigns with ease.
  • Thrive Ultimatum - lets you build countdown timers to help you increase conversions.
  • Thrive Ovation - lets you collect testimonials from your customers and visitors and easily display them on your site.
  • Thrive Comments - lets you build engagement with visitors who leave comments by getting them to share on social media, sign up for your mailing list, or visit a new page.
  • Thrive Automator - lets you create smart automations such as tagging subscribers when they comment on a post.
  • Thrive Apprentice - lets you create a membership hub and offer your own training courses.

Now, there are two pricing points: $90 paid quarterly or $299 annually.

If you choose to pay $299 for the annual subscription that amounts to $299 a year for 10 very good plugins.

That's like $29 per plugin.

That reason alone is enough to say Thrive Themes is worth it.

They pride themselves on creating conversion-focused tools for bloggers, affiliates, and digital marketers in general. These tools will help you drive more sales and get more email subscribers. 

Thrive Themes Pros and Cons

Thrive Themes offers one of the best collections of WordPress tools.

They provide many page templates and customization options so you can truly create a unique website.

You can integrate with all your favourite email marketing tools and CRMs.

As with every tool or resource, no matter how great, they come with pros and cons.

Pros of Thrive Themes

  • A lot of value for your money - Thrive Suite offers 10 tools at a single price.
  • Focused on conversions - build a website that increases email subscribers and generates more sales.
  • Thrive Suite is optional - if you don't want all the plugins you can choose to purchase one by itself without paying for Thrive Suite.
  • Ease of use - all their plugins are generally easy to use and learn. Installation is simplified with their Product Manager plugin (you literally only have to install one plugin).
  • Fully responsive - all pages and content you create using Thrive plugins will look great on all screen sizes.
  • Training and tutorials - provides a knowledge for their products and Thrive University for digital marketing topics.  

Cons of Thrive Themes

  • Limited usage - all pricing plans only offer plugin usage on up to 5 websites. If you have or plan on having more than 5 sites, this could be a problem.
  • Designed for marketers - if your blog is to just blog then this might not be for you.
  • No free trial - you can't try before you buy but there is a refund period.

What You Get With Thrive Themes

Here is the Thrive Suite:

1. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect is a lean, mean, content building machine. We use this plugin on Blogging Aid and it's easily one of the most useful tools we use.

With Thrive Architect, you get a visual page builder with a clean drag and drop user interface.


It comes with more than 30 content elements that help you create website content that is better than what everyone else creates.

You also get access to over 300 landing page templates. There are templates for your homepage, about page, sales page, opt-in page, thank you page, and more.

You can read our Thrive Architect review for more in-depth info.

2. Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Theme Builder is an impressive piece of software for designing your WordPress website. It lets you build your own templates for just about every page and section on your website.

Thrive Theme Builder Site Wizard

You can build your own header, footer, and even certain pages like your blog page and 404 page.

Every website element has its own set of templates to choose from. Take the HEADER for example:

Thrive Theme Builder Header Templates

There are dozens of templates at your disposal. And that goes for your entire site.

The theme builder comes with multiple theme packs or website kits: Shapeshift, Omni, Kwik, and another they just added called Bookwise.

3. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is a plugin designed to help you grow your mailing list. It's a list building tool that makes it easy for you to create and add beautiful opt-in forms on your website.

You can build opt-in forms like the pop-up box (with or without exit-intent), multi-step pop-up box, widget form, post footer box, and more. Thrive Leads supports all the popular types of opt-in forms.

Each type of form comes with dozens of templates.

If you'd like to learn more, check out our Thrive Leads review.

4. Thrive Apprentice

If you're planning on selling courses in the future, an LMS plugin might be for you. Thrive Apprentice lets you create an online school on your WordPress website.

From the login page to the checkout page to the course content, this plugin makes it fun and easy to create your own membership site.

You won't have to rely on third party programs like Thinkific and Teachable.

5. Thrive Optimize

A big part of Thrive Themes is landing pages. Thrive Optimize is a plugin that helps you create landing pages with a high tendency to convert traffic into leads and customers.

The plugin does this by giving you the ability to perform A/B split tests on your landing pages.

It also comes with an analytics dashboard where you can track your landing page performance.

6. Thrive Ultimatum

Scarcity is an effective marketing tactic to generate and increase conversions. Thrive Ultimatum is all about that.

With this plugin, you'll be able to add elements to your site like countdown timers.

Let's say you're running a sale on your ebook or you're launching a course and only have limited seats available, you can build a notification bar and slap that bad boy on every page of your site.

7. Thrive Ovation

Testimonials is one of the best ways to add credibility to your site. It provides social proof. Thrive Ovation makes it easy for you to create testimonials for your site.

The plugin comes with many templates and an editor that makes it quick and easy to create testimonials.

8. Thrive Quiz Builder

A quiz is an effective, yet underutilized, method to engaging with your audience. 

With Thrive Quiz Builder, you can create quizzes for your site with its highly intuitive visual builder.

You can build advanced quizzes with multiple answer-based levels. Meaning, a user can end up on one page and another user on a different page.

9. Thrive Comments

Thrive Comments will supercharge your comments section. It will encourage your readers to stay on your website longer and engage with your community in the comments.

Users will have the ability to like other people's comments and even share them on social media.

You will also be able to grow your email list by displaying popup forms when a visitor submits a comment. Very handy feature!

10. Thrive Automator

A headline is a crucial component for a blog article. It's what web users tend to see first before clicking through. If your headlines don't catch their attention and compel them to click, then you've really made a mistake.

Thrive Headline Optimizer helps you find headlines that work by split testing variations and seeing which performs best.

It's easy too. Everything is done right inside the WordPress post editor.

Thrive Clever Widgets

If you use a sidebar on your website, then you know that your widgets are shown on every page your sidebar is in. With Thrive Clever Widgets, however, you can choose to display certain widgets on certain pages.

This plugin has become irrelevant. Thrive Themes doesn't market this anymore.

10 Legacy WordPress Themes

Thrive Suite comes with themes you can use if the theme builder isn't something you want to use.

These 10 themes are OK, but they could become outdated fast. They're still receiving regular updates, but there aren't options for customizing areas like the header and footer.

They are somewhat old school themes that were great back in 2015.

But with plugins such as Thrive Theme Builder you won't need to worry about these.

How Much Does Thrive Suite Cost?

Thrive Suite's price tag is competitive, at the very least. In actuality, the cost for these incredible resources is a steal.

The pricing starts at $19 a month. It's billed annually, however, adding up to $228 a year.

If you need something smaller, you can opt for the $90 plan. This is paid quarterly—every 3 months.

Both plans come with the following:

  • Access to every single Thrive Themes product.
  • Install on up to 5 websites.
  • Get unlimited support from the Thrive team.
  • Get unlimited updates to all Thrive products.
  • Gain access to the Thrive University, which includes digital marketing guides.
  • 30 days to request a refund.

If you want an AGENCY package, you can get it for $588.

Are you ready to get started? CLICK HERE!

Thrive Suite Review | The Verdict

There is a ton of value in the Thrive Suite. Thrive Architect, for example, can be priced at the same amount and it'd be OK. But you get that and so much more with the Thrive Themes membership.

If you're not convinced that Thrive can help you, I believe that would be a mistake.

Thrive Suite has the power to help you build an actual website business that generates a ton of revenue.


Julian started his first blog way back in the summer of 2014. He is very passionate about building websites and watching them grow. He has made many mistakes over the years and is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge on Blogging Aid so he can help beginner and intermediate bloggers become successful bloggers.

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  1. Hi Julian,

    Great post! I was wondering about Thrive suite, and your article cleared a lot of doubts I had. I loved how you added all the information about Thrive Suite. It has helped me a lot to understand this theme and decide whether or not I should use it. You covered everything in this article, and I will be revisiting it whenever I decide to use it. I will also share this resource with people in my network to clear their confusion about Thrive Suite.

  2. Thrive Suite is no longer $299 per year they trap you in for the first year and then the renewal comes at $599. I’m not sure when that happened. I purchased with misleading content on the website that said it was locked in and on the invoice it said it would renew at $599. I was so disappointed because so Maundy who I trust value Thrive Suite and I was looking to purchase for a long time. I must have purchased just as they made the switch and had not yet updated their marketing website.

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