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The Significance of Web Design Usability Backed by Statistics – Infographic

Web Design Usability - Infographic
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This is a guest post by Asad Ali.

The design of a website is meant for the users to interact with a business or organization. The ease and simplicity to use the website, better load speed, and performance, prominent display of Calls to action and improved navigation define the overall usability.

It is quite difficult to understand what exactly a website needs to do in design to make it more usable. 

The web design usability is not limited to following the best trends of a market, but it may require the designer to go out of the way. 

It may start with knowing specific business requirements, understanding the target audience, and find innovative ways of making the design simple and captivating. 

Additionally, one can also study the statistics that are the result of continuous trial and error. 

Infographic - Web Design Usability
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Calls to Action

  • 70% of the small business websites fail to exhibit Calls to action prominently in the design. There have to be appeal Calls to action on the home page to engage the users in subscribing to email newsletters, downloading guides, tutorials, and manuals, and testing demos or taking a trial.

Mobile Friendliness

  • 85% of the website visitors are of the opinion that a mobile version of a company's web site shall be better than its desktop version.

Page Speed and Performance

  • 45% of the people expect a website to load quickly in less or equal to 2 seconds. People do not wait for long to let a web page load as they have other options in mind to browse.
  • 39% people may stop interacting with a website if the images or media files either loads slow or do not show up on the page.

Content design and layout

  • Two third of the visitors are likely to read the content that is designed with an appealing layout if they are given 15 minutes. They would not like to waste time in reading a plain text that looks boring and dull.
  • 38% people are prone to leave a website if the display or content is not appealing. One has to pay attention to producing eye-catching content of the website.

Missing contact info

  • 44% of visitors abandon a website if the contact information is missing. It is mandatory to leave a phone number, email, or physical address to show the business exists.

The kind of information people expects to see on the home page of a business website

The online buyers are skeptical in reviewing the entire website of a business and they expect the following information to be available in any case. 

  • Products and services - 86%
  • Contact information - 64%
  • About Us / Company information - 52%
  • Testimonials and customer feedback - 27%
  • Marketing collateral - 23%
  • Social media icons - 12%
  • Blog - 8%
  • Pricing - 2%

Some of the top reasons why business owners avoid having a website

The increasing use of technology gadgets has made it mandatory for everyone to have a business website, but still, a lot of people do not like to have one. Following are some of the reasons;

  • No need for a business website at the moment – 41%
  • Cost - 19%
  • Lack of time - 16%
  • Too complex - 9%
  • Business will never need one - 4%
  • Others - 11%

Guest Author: Asad Ali is an online marketer with over 8 years of experience in SEO and Ecommerce industry. He has worked for several renowned websites and on multiple eCommerce platforms. He currently works for GO-Gulf Dubai web design company which specializes in custom web design & web development.

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