6 Insightful Tips to Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation 

 May 12, 2017

By  Julian

Optimize WordPress for Lead Generation

This is a guest post by Brandon Graves.

If you are creating a strategy to generate higher leads for your WordPress site, then you must read out this blog post.

Today, we will explore the result-oriented lead generation optimization tips that will help you convert web visitors into potential customers for your WordPress site.

Of course, WordPress is an outstanding CMS platform, but, if you want to drive relevant web traffic and quality leads, you will need to think out-of-the-box and focus on implementing the best lead capturing strategies.

No matter what you are promoting or selling, just ensure that your real-time visitors are getting rich and seamless user experience on your site.

While creating a visually-appealing website is crucial for generating higher leads, practicing the following tactics are equally important if you want to take your web business to the new height of success.

So, without wasting your precious time, we will dive to the most tried and tested WordPress lead generation optimization tips.

1. Create Quality and Valuable Content

Content Writing 1

It's quite difficult to capture leads and increase web traffic if your site is not valuable and informational. Since web visitors search for a site that adds value to their interest, make sure you give some sort of information related to your product or service for the better user engagement.

This means CONTENT plays a KEY role in boosting the overall web presence of a website.

If you want to drive quality leads, you will need to create quality, valuable and relevant content for your website. Ensure that your content, such as blog posts, articles, images, web page content, videos, etc are captivating and prompting.

As we know that the content of your site reflects your brand image, so you can use magnetic, click-worthy headlines, web page content, blog posts, articles that encourage web visitors to trust your brand and convert into a potential subscriber/customer.

You can even start a blog to share some valuable content, tutorials to draw the attention of your potential customers. This increases the credibility and also help you get better visibility if it is well optimized for SEO.

2. Improve Landing Page Design

Landing Page 1

A beautiful, well-structure, click-worthy and inviting landing page has all the potential to take your conversions to the next level. When a web visitor lands on your site, he/she should be given enough reasons to stay longer and browse other pages of your site.

For that, you will need to focus on improving the design, content, and user-experience of your landing pages. To boost their conversion path, you can display clear and visible CTA buttons, Opt-in forms, sign-ups, pop-ups and contact forms.

Below are some effective ways that will help you creating lead generating landing pages:

  • A visually-aesthetic design.
  • Short, crisp and inviting headline titles.
  • Add appealing CTA buttons such as “Read Now”, Click Now” etc.
  • Add Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other popular social share buttons.
  • Integrate Live Chat option.
  • Add a professional looking contact form.
  • Add images or short video.
  • Structure your web-page/landing page content using bullet points.

Quick Tip: We highly recommend the Thrive Content Builder plugin. It comes with the Thrive Landing Pages plugin that includes many templates. Read our review here.

3. Adding a User-Friendly Contact Form

Contact forms are great for boosting interactions between your brand and your potential web customers. Although there are many types of forms available on a website, the contact form is the one that directly connects you with the users.

This means creating a beautiful, user-friendly and professional-looking contact form can improve your conversion rate and also increase your sales funnel.

You can also remove the unnecessary form fields to boost the conversion rate of your contact form. This boosts simplicity and encourages to fill out the form in a matter of few seconds.

Tip: Use Contact Form by WPForms to create beautiful and stimulating contact forms, subscription forms, opt-in forms and other leading generation forms, without any coding.

4. Build Qualitative Email List

Email List 1

You can't overlook your email marketing campaigns if you want to generate quality leads for your web business. It is one of the easiest ways to reaching out to a large number of targeted web audience.

You can add sign-up forms, subscription forms, and opt-in forms to collect the email addresses of your potential web visitors so that you can expand your email list.

Once after getting their email addresses, you can send them newsletters and promotional emails to let them visit your site and buy something from your site.

Here are some of the key traits that will help you get the most out of it:

  • Give away something free in return for a sign up such as free subscription, e-book, etc.
  • Create enticing sign-up or opt-in forms.
  • Focus on creating eye-catchy designs.

Quick Tip: Check out our roundup post where 60+ pros share their best email tools.

5. Social Media Marketing

Social Media 1

Social media has always been an incredible platform for promoting a brand or a website for higher conversions.

You can leverage the leading social networking websites, such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, etc to promote your products and services to your web users in the most engaging manner.

For that, you can add social media icons on your web pages to let the visitor share your content on their accounts for higher engagement and customer base.

You can even promote the videos related to your business or products to grab more attention of your targeted web audience.

This can help you reach a diverse web traffic, boost credibility as well as leads.

6. Add a Live Chat Box

A live chat box is one of the most convenient and instant communication tools. This makes it super-easy for web visitors to ask their queries, clear their doubts related to your products and services on the fly.

It provides immediate customer support and also encourages customers to complete their buying process with ease.

In fact, most of the web customers say that interacting directly to the site's representative via live chat helps them take the buying decision instantly.

A live chat support system not only boosts conversions, but also increases the level of customer satisfaction.

So, make sure you create a user-friendly live chat support for your WordPress site that can help you generate higher leads and greater revenues.

Tip: Use WP Live Chat Support plugin to set up an effective communication system for your real-time web visitors.


The tips mentioned above in this blog post will help you convert targeted web visitors into payable customers for your WordPress site.

You can leverage these lead generation optimization tips to increase your web sales.

Guest Author: Brandon Graves is a proficient web developer specialized in converting HTML to WordPress. He is also a passionate blogger and something of a geek who loves to share his knowledge with others. If you want to ask him a question or to check out her latest publications, follow Brandon on Twitter.

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