WP Profit Builder Review: Is it Worth Your Money in 2022? 

 January 29, 2022

By  Julian

Are you wondering if WP Profit Builder is the right tool for you?

Peep our summary box below to quickly learn about the plugin...

WP Profit Builder Summary:

The Profit Builder is WordPress plugin that focuses on creating landing pages and funnels to help you grow a mailing list and sell your products. It also offers other products that offer other features to generate more results for your business.

Key  Features:

  • Visual page builder
  • Hundreds of page templates
  • Funnel builder
  • A/B split testing
  • Selling features




Ease of Use



WP Profit Builder Review (2022)

WP Profit Builder Review

WP Profit Builder is a solid solution for WordPress website owners that want to grow their mailing list and revenue.

The plugin can help you by creating landing pages that convert.

To learn everything you need about the plugin, continue on to read our WP Profit Builder review.

Let's dive in!

Who is WP Profit Builder For?

Being a landing page tool, the Profit Builder (PB) is generally for anyone that wants to grow their business using landing pages.

PB can create different types of pages. Sales pages, opt-in pages, thank you pages, checkout pages. PB can even create everyday website pages like your homepage, about page, and contact page.

However, PB has set a paywall behind some of their better page templates, including ones for the everyday website pages.

What Will You Get With WP Profit Builder?

Visual Builder

A great visual builder can make or break a tool like Profit Builder. While its content editor isn't the best we've seen, it's far from the worst. In fact, it's quite good.

Here's what it looks like in action:

wp profit builder 1

The editing toolbar is to the right. It pops up every time you click on a design element.

The user interface, in my opinion, is OK. The darkness of it wouldn't have been my first choice. It took me some time to get used to.

Going back to the toolbar, it has some great editing options for you to play with.

Margin and Padding, for example, will give you the ability of some cool placement and alignment tricks.

The schedule feature is a good one. Not all page builders can do this. You would probably need to install a whole other plugin for something like this.

Then you've got the devices option which is a responsiveness feature. You can choose to show/hide certain elements for certain screen sizes. Mobile and tablet, for instance.

You can also give your elements some cool animations. This would be useful to make your visitors more aware of your calls to action.

Speaking of elements, there are dozens to choose from...

pb elements

100+ Landing Page Templates

Templates are important because they take half the work out of page building. It beats having to start with a blank page.

In the Profit Builder's case, there are over a hundred to choose from.

pb templates

All of PB's templates aren't available for everyone who buys PB, however. That CLUB ribbon you see there means that specific template can only be used by those that opt into the templates club.

The templates club is one of PB's upsells. It's a monthly subscription that goes for about 30 bucks a month.

This club has all the best templates, in my opinion, and it sucks that you have to pay for a subscription to gain access.

However, you wouldn't necessarily need them. Sure, they're nice. But if you get good at using PB's page builder, you'd be able to build awesome pages.

That's one of the best things about visual page builders with this kind of power. You can start with a blank page and create beautiful content.

WordPress Theme

The Profit Builder comes with a WordPress. You don't have to use it. But it's there.

Is it any good?

In my opinion, it's OK. But I have to say...

If I chose PB as my go-to page builder, I would use a different theme.

Why? I do not like the user interface.

pb theme

To me, it feels a little outdated. I'm sure their working on an update, but it's not something I'd use at its current state.

However, the theme has some pretty good options.

For example, you can determine your own sizes for your featured images.

pb theme 2

That's something most WordPress themes can't do. In fact, I'm having trouble thinking of one that does have this feature.

Funnel Builder

PB's funnel building functionality is rather simple. You simply add pages to it and determine which page goes where.

pb funnel

As you can see, it tracks your landing page stats and analytics. This includes total views, unique views, and conversions.

Adding pages to a funnel is easy. When you're editing a page in your WordPress dashboard, you'll find a tab below the text editor.

pb funnel 2

A/B Testing

Split testing is an important feature for building high-converting landing pages. It helps us test things like headlines, copy, page elements, and even a page's entire design.

Creating an a/b test with Profit Builder is easy. You can do this right inside the editing page in your dashboard.

pb ab test 1

You can create up to 4 variations of a page and end your a/b test after a set time.

Tracking your landing pages' analytics can be done right on the All Pages page in your dashboard.

pb ab test 2

Training and Support

The people behind Profit Builder does a great job at providing support and tutorials on how to use Profit Builder.

There is a whole page of PB tutorials that range from the basics to optimization.

pb tutorials

In terms of support, they have a team that responds pretty quick from my experience.

pb support

WP Profit Builder Pros and Cons


  • Good visual page builder.
  • Dozens of page elements.
  • Over 100 page templates.
  • Provides training tutorial videos.
  • Great pricing points. Will fit in most people's budget.
  • Offers additional resources like a WordPress theme.
  • Provides features other landing page builders don't. Such as a/b testing, a shopping cart, and more.


  • Ease of use could be a lot better.
  • User interface is dark themed. I found it a little hard to understand. UI in general feels outdated.
  • Monthly paywall behind their better page templates.

How Much Does WP Profit Builder Cost?

The cost of a tool is one of the most important factors when you're deciding to buy something. If we don't get value for our money, there's no point in giving it away.

In WP Profit Builder's case, you get value for the amount of money you cough up.

There are 3 plans:

pb pricing

They are all one-time payments. I like that because you don't normally see that with tools like this. And $67.67 to use Profit Builder on up to 50 sites is incredible.

Apart from the $67.67 you would pay for PB, they will ask you to buy other products.

One that I mentioned before is the Templates Club. For $30 per month, this club would give you access to premium page templates.

There's also something called LeadsFlows Pro which is a lead generation tool that's priced at $197.

Then there's the Inner Circle which is coaching program. It's $47 every month.

Wrapping up Our WP Profit Builder Review

The Profit Builder is a solid plugin to help you create landing pages for growing your sales and your mailing list.

Would I recommend it?

I'll be honest. I've used many landing page builders for WordPress and Profit Builder's UI gave me the hardest time. That doesn't mean it's bad. Everybody has a style they like and unfortunately, this one wasn't mine.

With that said, WP Profit Builder has a lot of good things going for it. It has multiple features most tools lack.

This plugin deserves a solid rating.

WP Profit Builder Summary:

The Profit Builder is WordPress plugin that focuses on creating landing pages and funnels to help you grow a mailing list and sell your products.

Key  Features:

  • Visual page builder
  • Hundreds of page templates
  • Funnel builder
  • A/B split testing
  • Selling features


Ease of Use



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